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World of Warcraft: After several thousand hours, this streamer finally achieves this feat!

World of Warcraft: After several thousand hours, this streamer finally achieves this feat!

As the release of the next World of Warcraft expansion: Dragonflight approaches, streamer AnnieFuchsia has achieved what very few people in the world have achieved. Complete the game 100%.

World of Warcraft: After several thousand hours, this streamer finally achieves this feat!

It's very soon the end of Shadowlands for World of Warcraft, a rather controversial extension that will have had its very highs as well as its very lows . However for some it will end on a very high note. This is the case of AnnieFuchsia , a Swedish streamer known on the scene for many years. She has just accomplished the extremely long and exhausting task of completing all 4,481 achievements in the game and couldn't help but share her joy.

A feat in numbers

The number of people in the world who can boast of having completed World of Warcraft is currently counted on the number of 3 hands . According to , she would be the 15th person to get the 38,115 achievement points needed for the task, and it took her 669 days on her main character, not counting the secondary ones which also help with some achievements related to the task. account.

Without describing the 4,481 achievements in detail, we will retain among the most restrictive complete all the raids in mythical mode in PvE, obtain the title of Gladiator in PvP, all the different achievements related to farming and exploration which take a colossal amount of hours, not counting pet battles (the game's Pokemon mode), devouring your soul and your time like no other.

In short, congratulations AnnieFuchsia, we wish you to celebrate your success as it should be, however...

A short-lived success

This is almost cruel, as she just finished Shadowlands, the Dragonflight pre-patch is out tomorrow . This means a new batch of achievements related to the extension, which will be released on November 28th.

The celebrations will therefore be short-lived. But with such a head start, there is no doubt that we will find her in a few months with a new screenshot telling us that she will have finished the game again.

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