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WoW Dragonflight addons: Our selection of the best PvP addons

WoW Dragonflight addons: Our selection of the best PvP addons

Addons are an integral part of the player experience in World of Warcraft. In order to best prepare you for your arena and rated battlefield matches, we offer you our selection of the best high-level PvP addons mainly on the Dragonflight expansion.

For many years now, addons have been an integral part of the World of Warcraft gaming experience. Thus, we offer you our selection of the best addons dedicated to PvP on the occasion of the deployment of the Dragonflight extension. Of course, there are many others that are at least as useful or more specific, but we will only focus here on the most useful for the majority of PvP players.

  • For the version of this article dedicated to addons for PvE, we invite you to visit our dedicated article.

    All the addons we offer in this article are already available in version 10.0, that of Dragonflight. They can also be downloaded from the CurseForge app.


BigDebuffs allows to display the most important control effect applied to the target directly on his portrait. Very light but also very useful, it may seem like a gadget but we end up not doing without it once in our hands!

  • It is possible to get BigDebuffs by following this link .
World of Warcraft

Capping Battleground Timers

Capping is like many addons very easy to use. However, it greatly facilitates your life during the battlefield since it allows you, for example, to know the time remaining before the enemy team manages to capture a given point once the flag is captured. A good way to give useful information, and especially to prepare your attacks! Also works in Rated Battleground!

  • It is possible to get Capping Battleground Timers by following this link .
World of Warcraft


MinimapButtonButton is a great little addon that allows you to neatly organize any of the many addon icons originally found around your minimap. An addon certainly dispensable but important for those who wish to have a clean interface. A healthy player with a healthy interface!

  • It is possible to get MinimapButtonButton by following this link .
World of Warcraft


This is probably one of the best addons ever created since it allows you to track your opponents' defensive AND offensive CDs, but also crowd control, CDs increasing their mobility and many more! The only limit to OmniBar is your imagination, or almost.

Be careful though, if you were to track down too many CDs, it could embarrass you if a large number of them are used at the same time by the opposing team and therefore obstruct your field. of vision since an icon with the remaining cooldown is created for each CD used.

So take the time to select each technique you want to track down for each class. Once this is done, you won't have to touch it again until the next expansion. Typically, you'll be looking to track offensive, defensive, and crowd control CDs.

  • It is possible to get OmniBar by following this link .
World of Warcraft


OmniCC allows you to add text to objects, spells and techniques that are on cooldown. Whether they are in your inventory, your spell bar or anywhere else, a countdown is indicated when one of them enters CD, allowing better overall visibility and therefore better management of your character in fight.

  • It is possible to get OmniCC by following this link .

Prat 3.0

Very important especially for players being spammed with links by their friends, Prat allows you to modify the chat window at your convenience. But the major feature of this addon is that it makes web page links clickable in-game, making it a must-have for anyone.

  • It is possible to get Prat 3.0 by following this link .


A very simple but vital addon that completely removes the option from the base game that allows you to decline an offer to enter a battleground or arena. You only have one choice left: Enter! After all, if you're tagging in Arena or BG, you have time, so don't risk a defeat or a Deserter debuff for accidentally clicking the wrong button.

  • It is possible to get SafeQueue by following this link .
World of Warcraft

SArena Updated

A simplified and sober equivalent of Gladius and GladiusEx, SArena allows you to effectively track the actions of your opponents. Its objective is simple: to provide improved unit frames for opposing players in the arena, allowing in particular to know when the "trinket" has been used, the major offensive and defensive CDs used as well as their cooldowns, and of course the hit points and mana of each enemy player.

Remember to configure it before entering your first arena match in order to display the information you are looking for in priority.

  • It is possible to get SArena by following this link .
World of Warcraft

Threat Plates

Threat Plates replaces "nameplates", these life bars visible above allies and enemies, with others that are largely customizable and more pleasant overall. In PvP, it allows you, among other things, to see the debuffs you have applied to each target, their remaining duration and a whole host of other essential things.

  • It is possible to get Threat Plates by following this link .
World of Warcraft


WeakAuras is arguably the most powerful addon ever created for World of Warcraft as it allows you to track any abilities, buffs, debuffs or anything else and announce when events you choose to track occur. Everything can be tracked using this addon, from a simple personal buff to a boss ability normally invisible to the normal player's eye, making it the most indispensable of all addons.

  • It is possible to get WeakAuras by following this link .
World of Warcraft
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