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WoW: An army of 300 dogs takes its walk in Valdrakken...

WoW: An army of 300 dogs takes its walk in Valdrakken...

Sometimes pretty wacky things happen in our favorite video games, and with the release of the World of Warcraft: DragonFlight expansion, that was without counting on all the oddities we might encounter. Well in Valdrakken, beasts have invited themselves to the party...

Since November 28, all World of Warcraft players have been able to discover the brand new expansion through DragonFlight . If this one brings a lot of novelties with a new class but also the capital of Valdrakken and new quests, it was indeed without counting on certain rather amusing bugs which allowed a player to invite several fellow travelers in the capital of the Dragon Islands...

300 dogs have invaded Valdrakken!

It is on the wowhead site that we were able to read this story which makes you smile! A player has indeed discovered a new bug through one of the quests of the new extension, it is the quest Part of a pack . In this one, the player managed to spawn hundreds and hundreds of companions by discovering a bug: the debuff that is supposed to prevent spawning other companions can indeed be removed with immunities .

In this way, he was able to spawn no less than 300 Bakars, and the capital of Valdrakken quickly found itself overwhelmed. If he couldn't make more Bakars pop, the latter explains that the reason for this is the fact that NPCs were starting to despawn and find themselves outside.

Of course, he didn't stop there! With his real army, he set off to attack a horde, but unfortunately for him, he soon realized that his Bakars only did between 1 and 2 damage, " making them the most harmless Bakars I have ever seen. have seen so far... ".

Unfortunately, the sequence of events is quite sad since all his animals are dead (they have a "lifetime" of only 10 minutes), but will he try the experiment again? Things seem less certain since this is a bug and the developers should soon fix it.

A player reaches level 70 in 30 minutes!

In addition to this bug which is amusing it must be admitted, another player has achieved a completely different feat: reaching level 70 in just 30 minutes. His method? Spam a repeatable daily fishing quest located southeast of Waking Shores, where the small rohaarts are.

Our player, who responds to the name of Ungespielt , simply bought a huge quantity of fish until he filled his bags with them, took the boat to the Dragon Islands, then his dragon to fly away and thus arrive at his destination to then return his daily quests. Easy indeed, but not really legitimate!

WoW Dragonflight: 30 minutes to level 70? This player creates the exploit!

A German streamer achieves the feat of leveling Dragonflight 60-70 in record time. A little ingenuity and above all a lot of money, back on the method that made him the fastest player in the world!

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