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Race to World First WoW: Raszageth has fallen, Liquid leads the race!

Race to World First WoW: Raszageth has fallen, Liquid leads the race!

The Liquid guild is the first in the world to defeat Raszageth, the Heroic Difficulty Stormeater in the Vault of Incarnations in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. But nothing is decided, Echo is on the prowl and other guilds have even already made a breakthrough in Mythic Mode!

The big day has arrived: the Race to World First of the Vault of Incarnations, the first raid of the Dragonflight extension of World of Warcraft, has begun! And while the guilds are fighting a merciless battle for the first time across three game modes at once, it's the famous Team Liquid who has accomplished the unthinkable just over 24 hours after the raid's release: come out of Raszageth, the Storm Eater in Heroic Difficulty. But meanwhile, other smart guys have gone to grab some World Firsts in Mythic Mode.

Liquid: When the cat is not there, the mice dance

After a visibly excellent night's sleep, the American players of Team Liquid returned to the Vault of Incarnations with the firm intention of doing battle with Razsageth, the final boss, in Heroic Mode. Because that's the particularity of this progress: the Normal, Heroic and Mythic Modes were all released the same week!

Thus, instead of having a week to equip themselves quietly, the best guilds in the world must make a choice: tempt the devil in Mythic Mode despite the obvious and absurd lack of equipment, or play the card of gaining equipment in the lower levels based on the observation that in any case no one except a handful of renowned guilds will steal the World First of the last boss in Mythic?
Of course, Liquid, Echo, Method and all the other most famous guilds of this Race to World First have all made the same bet: organize "split runs" in Normal and Heroic Mode in order to obtain the most equipment possible. thanks to their viewers.

  • What is a "split run"? A "split run" is to make it very simple to introduce players with a high item level into a raid group and pay them to give you all the items they get in the raid. raid. Thus, in exchange for millions of gold coins, players from the best guilds in the world quickly earn equipment.
World of Warcraft

After an intense first day for Liquid, it took a good night's sleep for the Americans to continue their ascent to the Caveau des Incarnations. Always relentless in obtaining as much equipment as possible through these "split runs", the American guild was however quickly caught up and even outstripped by their European competitors from Echo as soon as they were able to gain access to the raid.

And there, all fans of the Race to World First know it: the guilds like to seek each other out, to titillate each other, to tease each other, especially when they have the feeling of having the upper hand over their competitors. Between small spikes in video or murderous tweets, there are only a few limits, although it remains good-natured. And since Echo had gotten ahead while Limit slept peacefully, an assassin tweet popped up out of nowhere in response to another tweet from the official Warcraft account:

Obviously, nothing mean, they just tease each other. And yet, if Echo's tackle will have delighted his fans always eager for pseudo-dramas (like all fans), the Americans led by Maximum will not have lost face. This is how, after a good night's sleep, the Storm Eater fell without much difficulty after 13 attempts in Heroic Mode. Calm !

For their part, at the time of writing Echo is still struggling against Raszageth. After 11 attempts so far, the Europeans have brought down the dreaded Primordial Incarnation to 60.09% of its maximum health. The path could therefore still be long before passing this formidable boss, but nothing is certain!

Composition of Liquid against Raszageth in Heroic Difficulty - World of Warcraft
Composition of Liquid against Raszageth in Heroic Difficulty

This little story is once again a lesson to those who would sell the bear's skin before killing it: everything can be played out in no time, especially during the first days of such an original progress. . Many guilds engage in "split runs", and where you might think that one guild dominates the others, in reality they are getting ahead of themselves by farming previous bosses in a loop. The choice is risky, but that's ultimately the most interesting thing about the Race to World First: who will take the most risk and be rewarded for it, and who will go too far and be punished?

The first World Firsts have fallen in Mythic Mode!

However, the small rivalry between Liquid and Echo and the victory of the Americans against the Stormeater in Heroic is far from being the only event of this day. Far from it, since early in the morning 4 American guilds made a notable breakthrough in the Mythical Mode of the Vault of Incarnations, a remarkable performance given the lack of equipment of their players.

Led by the Vesper guild, the four competing guilds could however already have reached the limits of their equipment. But only their return after a good night's sleep will tell us: will they be able to grab a few more World Firsts before having to return to farm in the lower difficulty modes?

World of Warcraft

So far, only Eranog and the Prime Council have been defeated in Mythic Difficulty. It was the Vesper guild (US) which obtained the two World Firsts at the start of the day (Paris time) just one hour apart. But beware, the colossi that are Echo, Liquid and Method will soon enter this ultimate difficulty mode... Blizzard also carried out a major wave of balancing this Thursday, December 15 in the afternoon in order to make much more arduous victory against the following bosses. The road may still be long!

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