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What is the best-designed champion? The community has the answer!

Players are often more inclined to criticize than to praise League of Legends. However, the community has reached a rather particular consensus by designating, according to them, the best designed champion of Summoner's Rift.

God of War Ragnarok: Studios takes you behind the scenes of the masterpiece

While God of War Ragnarök had a colossal success around the world, the PlayStation teams decided to take their players behind the scenes of this nugget from Santa Monica studios. On the program: a touching making-of that retraces each step of this crazy project!

What will be the most popular games under the Christmas tree?

Christmas is fast approaching and a question may arise as we are in the process of fine-tuning the end-of-year purchases: what games will be most present under the Christmas tree? In this article, we will give you our predictions!

LoL: Which champions received the most skins in 2022?

With each passing year, Riot Games releases over 100 skins for League of Legends champions - and some are known to receive more than others. So what were the developers' favorites this year?

Azir support, the new pick that is all the rage in China

In the Demacia Cup, we see the Emperor of Shurima having some impact in the support position, especially against Heimerdinger. The League of Legends champion may have found a new home in Summoner's Rift.

LoL: The pentakill of the champion who is least likely to do so

Whether it's because of its low damage in long fights, or because there are so many champions that can kill an opponent, pentas are tricky to pull off. Today we see how a Yuumi achieves this and achieves a penta in the most hidden way possible.

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