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What are the most hated Pokémon that players would like to delete?

What are the most hated Pokémon that players would like to delete?

The Pokémon community wondered which Pokémon they hated the most, and some names came up quite often, regardless of generation. Do you also have a Pokémon that you would like to see disappear completely? Here are those of some players!

Pokémon has been able to create a very developed Pokédex as new editions are released, always adding more variety, possibilities and evolutions in the game. Between legendary, hidden, evolved, exchanged and other Pokémon, many pocket monsters are available through the 9 generations including Pokémon Scarlet/Purple but also anime and manga.

Nine generations and hated Pokémon

With the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple in 2022 the list of Pokémon has grown even further and there are now a total of 1008 Pokémon available in the games universe. So many Pokémon available necessarily creates situations where some players hate one or more in particular and the community has wondered which ones could be removed from the game entirely.

Even without playing Pokémon, maybe you have your own, personally I would have preferred that Pichu not exist and that the legend of Gorochu take root! I was also surprised to see a lot of players also want to meet Gorochu.

In any case, hundreds of trainers have come together to list the Pokémon they would prefer disappeared and here is a preview!

The most hated Pokémon of the players

The story begins under u/Decent_Ad_0 's Reddit post and players shared their worst Pokémon nightmares:

  • Pawmo → Keep the other two versions but remove the intermediary
  • Generation 8 Fossil Pokemon
  • Crabominable → In old versions you had to reach the league to evolve it
  • Paras → A plague in Pokémon Arceus
  • Bruxish → Apparently players just can't see it in paint
  • Duraludon → Apparently looks like a toilet
  • Enamorus→ Its visuals and evolutions
  • The Alolan Persian → Evolution that ruins the look of the Pokémon
  • Chewtle → Much less cool than its previous evolutions
  • Shroodle → No style
K'Santé, the first problem that Riot Games will have to solve in 2023

While he doesn't have the best ranked stats, the buffs K'Santé received in the last patch has pro teams prioritizing him above all else. the last champion released on League of Legends is able to tank excessively and inflict a lot of damage.

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