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Tauros Pokemon Violet Scarlet: How to get the 3 forms of Paldea?

In this new pokédex sheet, we tackle the Paldea form of a Pokémon that license fans have known since the very first generation. Let's see everything there is to know about 9G's Tauros and its two variants exclusive to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Girafarig Pokémon Scarlet Violet: How to evolve it into Farigiraf?

Here is all the information about the Pokemon Farigiraf in 9G. Where to find it in Paldea, how to evolve Girafarig and what is its shiny form on Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. Rest assured, there will be no need to take 1000 steps with the Forward function.

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