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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Type Chart: Weaknesses, Strengths of Each Type in the Game

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Type Chart: Weaknesses, Strengths of Each Type in the Game

You don't know the type table by heart and you have trouble knowing the weaknesses of monsters on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? Here is a summary of everything you need to know to easily defeat the trainers and wild creatures that will cross your path in Paldea.

The Pokémon games has always offered you to fight alongside creatures that each have one or two types. Each of its types then has the right to its own weaknesses, strengths, resistances and even immunities. In this guide, we go over the 18 types available in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The Importance of Pokemon Types

It is very important to know its type table since it will allow you to know which Pokémon to use against a trainer or another wild Pokémon during your exploration of Paldea. When you have to face Team Star bosses or the members of Council 4 of the Pokémon League, knowing that the Water type is effective against the Fire type will not be enough.

Also note that we are talking about the type or types of a Pokémon but that it is also logical to talk about the attacks of the latter. A Fire-type Pokémon with a Plant-type attack (let's imagine) can be very effective against a Water-type Pokémon! It is therefore essential to know the type of attacks of your monsters.

Finally, it is essential to know the table of types when you participate in a Teracrystal Raid in multiplayer, especially since the Teracrystal type will be different from the base type of the Pokémon: pay close attention to the icon at the top right of the screen before selecting your monster.

Source: Pokepedia - Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
Source: Pokepedia

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Type Chart

Here are the 18 types with their weaknesses, abilities, and immunities. Note that some attacks can be very effective (and therefore do x4 in damage), effective (x2), not very effective (x 1/2) or even immune (no damage).

  • Weaknesses : the Pokémon of the type receives x2 or even x4 (if dual-type) in damage
  • Strengths : attacks of the type inflict x2 or x4 on the opposing Pokémon (favor these attacks to cause more damage to enemies)
  • Resistances : the Pokémon is resistant to attacks of the type and only receives half the damage inflicted in general
Type Water

Weaknesses : Grass and Electric

Resistance(s) : Water, Steel, Fire and Ice

Strengths : Fire , Rock and Ground

Plant Type

Weaknesses : Fire , Flying , Insect , Poison and Ice

Resistance(s) : Water , Grass , Ground and Electric

Strengths : Water , Rock and Ground


Weaknesses : Water , Rock and Ground

Resistance(s) : Fire , Steel , Insect , Fairy , Grass and Ice

Forces : Steel , Ice , Bug , Grass

Type Electric

Weakness(es) : Ground

Resistance(s) : Electric , Steel and Flying

Strengths : Water and Flight

Type Flight

Weakness(es) : Electric , Rock and Ice

Resistance(s) : Fight , Insect , Plant

Strengths : Combat , Insect and Plant

Immune to Ground

Type Psych

Weakness(es) : Insect , Ghost and Darkness

Resistance(s) : Combat and Psych

Strengths : Combat and Poison

Rock Type

Weakness(es) : Water , Grass , Combat , Steel and Ground

Resistance(s) : Flying , Normal, Fire and Poison

Forces : Fire , Ice , Insect and Flight

Type Ground

Weakness(es) : Water , Grass and Ice

Resistance(s) : Rock , Poison

Forces : Steel , Electric , Fire , Poison and Rock

Immune to Electric

Type Ice

Weakness(es) : Combat , Steel, Fire and Rock

Resistance(s) : Ice

Strengths : Dragon , Grass , Ground and Flight

Type Steel

Weakness(es) : Combat , Fire and Ground

Resistance(s) : Flying , Normal, Fairy , Ice , Bug , Grass , Dragon , Steel, Psychic , Rock

Strengths : Fairy , Ice and Rock

Immune to Poison


Weakness(es) : Psychic and Ground

Resistance(s) : Fairy , Insect , Grass , Fighting and Poison

Strengths : Fairy and Plant

Type Spectrum

Weakness(es) : Ghost and Darkness

Resistance(s) : Normal, Insect , Combat and Poison

Strengths : Psy and Specter

Combat Immune and Normal


Weakness(es) : Combat , Fairy and Insect

Resistance(s) : Ghost and Darkness

Strengths : Psy and Specter

Immune to Psychic

Insect Type

Weakness(es) : Flying , Fire and Rock

Resistance(s) : Combat , Grass and Ground

Strengths : Plant , Psychic and Dark

Fighting Type

Weakness(es) : Flying , Psy and Fairy

Resistance(s) : Darkness, Insect , Rock

Strengths : Steel , Ice , Normal, Rock and Dark

Normal Type

Weakness(es) : Combat

Resistance(s) : Specter

Strengths : none

Ghost Immune


Weakness(es) : Ice , Dragon and Fairy

Resistance(s) : Water , Electric , Fire and Grass

Strengths : Dragon

Fairy Type

Weakness(es) : Steel and Poison

Resistance(s) : Dragon , Fight , Insect and Darkness

Strengths : Combat , Dragon and Darkness

Immune to Dragon

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