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LoL: Faker's message that made Deft laugh before the LCK resumed.

During an exhibition tournament organized by Riot Games where the teams of Faker and Deft faced off, Faker congratulated him on his title of world champion in a very funny way. Deft and the casters also laughed a lot when they saw the message from the midlaner.

Twitter: Is Elon Musk using censorship to block competition?

Yesterday, Twitter users had a bad surprise: they were now prohibited from posting links to other social networks from the platform. The wave of discontent that followed seems to have raised doubts in Elon Musk, who is now questioning his position...

LoL: Excel's new sponsor is causing controversy in the community!

Finding sponsors isn't always easy for professional League of Legends teams. It happens that the structures have to fall back on rather dubious companies, as is the case with Excel for the coming year, which the community has not let pass.

5 cult video game licenses that we would like to see land on PC!

Not necessarily being a fan of game consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5 or even Xbox One and Series), there are still some exclusives that we all want to see land on PC. Discover our selection of the 5 games that we would like to see one day released on PC.

Riot mistakenly unveils Ahri's new artwork

The League of Legends UK account has released an image of Ahri's new artwork. At first glance, there are hardly any substantial changes, but it is true that looking at the image more closely, we can see some interesting changes.

The best free games on Steam

We've sorted through the hundreds of free games on Steam to bring you our selection of the best titles available in this category.

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