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More medium range updates for old champions

Riot Games has opened the door to a path full of past champion updates, while reducing the number of annual releases in parallel. A situation that has been confirmed by the chief producer of League of Legends champions, but which depends on a number of conditions.

Accused of being drugged and addicted, Boombl4 strikes back

The madness of the networks has calmed down a bit and Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhaylov has had some time to digest the storm in which he was put against his will. Accused of being drugged and especially addicted by his former wife (divorce), he began his counter-attack.

The price of the new mythical chromas creates controversy

With the next League of Legends patch, a new type of cosmetics will arrive: mythical chromas, which in addition to a new coloring, will bring new visual effects. However, the community is very unhappy with their price.

Best launch in franchise history? Really ?

As Diablo Immortal continues to take a storm of criticism over its monetization, Blizzard is proudly displaying "the biggest launch in the Diablo franchise." The mobile game this morning passed the milestone of 10 million downloads, all platforms combined.


Stormgate: How do I sign up for the beta? All info

If Stormgate was rather well received at the Summer Game Fest, however, many players are waiting to learn more to get an idea of the "future of the RTS genre". That's good: the Beta will land in more or less a year. It's now or never to register!

Has Epic Games gone overboard with this new feature?

Have the creators of Fortnite gone a bit far in the quest for novelty this season? It is now possible to ride wolves and boars in the game. So when in addition it is possible to build from the backs of animals, the atmosphere becomes downright wacky.

12 chill and cute games to remember from Summer Game Fest

Do you like cozy, chill, relaxing and cute games? The Summer Game Fest conferences, and in particular the Wholesome Games, have enabled us to make a selection of around ten titles not to be missed for the months to come!

Diablo 4 Reveals The Necromancer and release window

After the announcement of the pre-registrations for Diablo IV, the game made an extended appearance during the conference of Microsoft and Bethesda. On the menu, a cinematic announcement of a returning class, and more gameplay commented by the developers.

Genshin Impact's Biggest Potential Competitor Is Coming This Summer

2022 is not easy for Genshin Impact, and miHoYo's flagship title is about to be shaken up again this summer. It is indeed during the third quarter of the year that will land Tower of Fantasy, an RPG which is largely inspired by the gatchapon.

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