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LoL: A player creates an excellent mini game inspired by Youtube videos

LoL: A player creates an excellent mini game inspired by Youtube videos

The imagination of the League of Legends community knows no bounds. Inspired by Youtube videos and concepts popularized by influencers, a player has created a mini game that will speak to players of LoL, Valorant, Counter Strike and Rocket League.

LoL: A player creates an excellent mini game inspired by Youtube videos

One of the best-known concepts , which does not get old and which has the chance to be common to many games, is the " Guess my rank " (Guess my rank in English). The principle could not be simpler: from a video showing an action in a game, you have to guess the rank of the player who made the move . Reddit userAny_Lecture4255 has taken this concept and turned it into a mini-game that anyone can play. Not only is it an opportunity to see great actions on different games, but it also allows us to know if we are able to analyze an action and deduce the level of play of the protagonists .

Of course the game is accessible for free , and in addition for the moment there are no ads . This can very quickly become a daily appointment to pass the time in transport, or even in the toilet. If you want to give it a try, here is the link to the homepage . You will need to select the game whose actions you want to analyze, and the videos will start automatically.

The star principle

We are not going to re-explain the principle of the game, the intro seems clear enough on this subject. However, there is a progress tracking system with stars, which allows you to keep track of your achievements. It works very simply: if you guess the correct rank, you earn 2 stars and if you guess only one rank incorrectly, you earn 1 . Just get at least 2 stars on the 3 daily clips to keep your streak going, and at the end be able to compare your scores with your friends. Note that these are ranks (bronze, silver, gold etc...) and not divisions (no bronze 1, silver 3, gold 2 etc...), which remains relatively simple especially with 3 trials.

There is nothing special to win, which is perfectly normal since it is a free game developed by one person to entertain different communities . The action still deserves to be praised, in addition to the site with the different functionalities, the person must find the videos for the days to come (or has to code a tool to do it, which remains work). In the end, nothing crazy about this mini-game, but it's still an excellent find to animate a discord topic or a competition between friends .

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