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Final Fantasy: Square Enix's robbery continues with this exorbitantly priced collector's item

Final Fantasy: Square Enix's robbery continues with this exorbitantly priced collector's item

We had already spat out our coffee when the price of FF16 was announced a few days ago, but Square Enix is doing it again with a collector's edition of the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series: once again, the price is good misused in relation to the content offered.

Square Enix held a live to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its favorite series, Final Fantasy. Between a vote of the public determining Final Fantasy XIV as being the favorite episode of the Japanese and the face that the Mog will have in Final Fantasy XVI, the members of the team present also discussed the continuation for the Pixel Remaster of episodes 1 to 6: they land on PS4 and Switch in the spring of 2023.

Pay your nostalgia

The Japanese publisher has been hot lately: after the Final Fantasy XVI collector at more than €300, here is the FF Pixel Remaster at the price of a Nintendo Switch. We understand that Square wants to bank on the nostalgia of their oldest customers, but given the content offered inside, it's hard to be enthusiastic: you'll have to pay €274.99 to get the pixel remaster box.

Contents of the Collector's Edition

  • Game (Physical Edition)
  • FF35th Anniversary Edition Merchandise Box -!
  • 2 Vinyls
  • art book
  • Pixel art figurines
  • Holographic case
Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

The arrival of the pixel perfect remasters of Final Fantasy on PS4 and Nintendo Switch is still very good news . Certainly the absolutely horrible font has not been corrected (it could change between now and the release), but for the rest it is clearly the best way to (re)discover the first six episodes of the saga in their original box. It should be noted, however, that the base price of the Switch version is also particularly salty, since it will cost 75€ even for the basic physical edition , and obligation to go through the Square Enix store.

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