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LoL: Faker's message that made Deft laugh before the LCK resumed.

LoL: Faker's message that made Deft laugh before the LCK resumed.

During an exhibition tournament organized by Riot Games where the teams of Faker and Deft faced off, Faker congratulated him on his title of world champion in a very funny way. Deft and the casters also laughed a lot when they saw the message from the midlaner.

LoL: Faker's message that made Deft laugh before the LCK resumed.

A few days before the end of the year, some League of Legends regions are taking the opportunity to hold exhibition matches as a preview of the 2023 season . The South Korean league (LCK) is a fan of these showmatches, and decided to organize a match between a team led by Faker and one led by Deft.

The two veteran players have selected the members of their team to face off in Summoner's Rift on January 10th. In addition to this showmatch, duels will be organized in the Howling Abyss (ARAM). Here is the composition of the different teams:

  • Faker's team: Dudu, Willer, Faker, Viper and BeryL
  • Deft Team: Morgan, Cuzz, Chovy, Deft, and Peter

Faker's congratulations to Deft on World Cup win

In order to hyper the event, a 1v1 between the two players was organized on the ARAM map. As Faker and Deft prepared to face off in a duel between Yasuo vs. Yone, Faker addressed his rival to congratulate him on the world title. The conversation is taken from a Weibo post and translated by @iCrystalization, one of the top Twitter accounts specializing in South Korean league news. Here is the conversation

- Faker : Hyukkyu-yah

Def : Hmm?

- Faker : Hyukkyu-yah

Defense : What?

- Faker: Congratulations on winning the World Cup "

Deft and the commenters couldn't help but laugh at this comment. Faker, after this moment of happiness and complacency, did not hesitate to kill Deft a few seconds after this declaration, demonstrating once again that he did not usurp his nickname of Demon King.

Another of the most special moments of this presentation of the competition was the South Korean caster Jun, who did something similar to the Argentinian journalist who interviewed Messi in the semi-finals of the World Cup, thanking him for everything what he did and saying, "As a fan of the LCK and the game, not a caster, I'm glad you're still active." Faker thanked them for those words and sent a message of love to the fans who never gave up on him and always showed him love through thick and thin.

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