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LoL: Riot will change one of the most controversial pings of the preseason

LoL: Riot will change one of the most controversial pings of the preseason

The appearance of the "Lure It" Ping in League of Legends has caused concern, particularly as many players have hijacked its use to make it toxic. Riot will therefore modify it to prevent people from using it for inappropriate purposes in game.

This preseason of League of Legends has brought many new features, such as companions in the jungle, recommended routes or new pings to go to an area of the map like "Lure him", If most of the new pings are used correctly by the community, it was quickly hijacked and unfortunately turned into something toxic.

Riot will retire it and work on a new design

While Riot wanted ping to be used as a strategic tool, players had other ideas. They started using it to ping their teammates and using it as a way to "piss them off". The combination of ping sound and appearance has now been clouded by its current use by players.

Are we going to rework the “Attract it” ping or just leave it? I can't use it without someone thinking I tell them go die and then flame myself and quit the game

After multiple complaints from the community regarding the use of "Attract It", many players stopped using it because of the overtones and out of fear that people would flag them for toxicity . That's why the developers will try to polish some details of it and give it a new look, although the sound is still the same, and many players have already associated this sound with the old ping and its meaning unpleasant.

To give this ping a second life, Riot Games added a leaf to its side. It is true that the symbol of Attract him has changed somewhat, but many users believe that this is not enough to maintain the unpleasant connotation that some League of Legends players use to ruin your life.

Unfortunately, and despite the desire of Riot Games or other games to evolve or integrate new features to facilitate communication between teammates, there are many evil-minded people who turn the situation around by making sense of it. completely different while spoiling the gaming experience for those looking to have a good time or disconnect from the routine.

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