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The new Fantasy Shop skin is coming soon!

The all-new League of Legends fantasy store will soon be getting an exclusive new skin. After Pyke for its launch, Riot Games has just unveiled the second champion who will receive an ash knight skin, and it is none other than Pantheon!

Summer Game Fest VS E3 in 2023?

While the Summer Game fest 2022 will be launched next Thursday at 9 p.m., the ESA announces the return of the E3 brand for the year 2023, with a digital event and a new physical event in Los Angeles. Does this sound the death knell for Geoff Keighley's festivities?

Fortnite soon in FPS like Warzone?

Will Fortnite become a first-person shooter like CoD? This is what dataminers insinuate, after the discovery of a game mode under study at Epic Games. Will the publisher risk such a change?

Will the Spider-Man Zero skin be in stores one day?

A new Spider-Man skin is about to arrive in Fortnite! It will initially be reserved for Marvel x Fortnite comic book buyers, but if you're waiting for Spider-Man in the in-game store, don't lose hope...

$100,000 to get a max character through the store?

Since this weekend, Diablo Immortal has suffered an avalanche of very critical opinions. While the monetization of the game is singled out, a YouTuber claims that it would take around $110,000 to afford a character at maximum capacity and with the best possible equipment.

Wyatt Cheng gives the right method to play crossplay on PC and mobile

It's the big day for Diablo Immortal, which will land on our phones and then our PCs in the next few hours. And for optimal progress, you will very often have to play on both platforms! Fortunately, crossplay is simple to deploy. Wyatt Cheng himself says so!

Diablo Immortal: Gamepad and Accessibility

Blizzard details the different features available to make its F2P MMO as accessible as possible on mobile and PC. Along with the visual tweaks, this includes the ability to play with the controller rather than the touchscreen. Here are the default buttons.

On S10 Galaxy, when can we play the game?

A smooth launch for Diablo Immortal? Blizzard's mobile game is not far from the exploit, but Samsung Galaxy S10 + users are experiencing major incompatibility issues...

Is a release on Switch, PS4 and Xbox possible?

With a joint release on Android, IOS and PC, Diablo Immortal has taken some distance from purely mobile gaming status. But does the game have a chance of ever arriving on the consoles on the market?

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