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Arcane: Soon news of season 2

Even if we know that season 2 of Arcane will not arrive before 2023, the wait may seem long. And very good news since we should learn a little more about the second season of the series inspired by the League of Legends universe during Geeked Week organized by Netflix in June.

Elden Ring: The official guide is coming soon (and we really need it)

For all the Shardless who want to know everything about the Underworld, this Elden Ring guide is for you! Over its 592 pages, you will discover all the secrets of FromSoftware's latest game and will therefore be able to go on an adventure more or less serenely.

A major update for Zeri on the PBE

Zeri has been one of the most problematic champions in League of Legends since the launch of Season 11, and Riot Games is preparing a wave of changes to reduce his power. Find out all the tweaks to his abilities and what the developers plan to do.

LoL: the feat achieved yesterday by ShowMaker

While all eyes were on the MSI Finals, ShowMaker was training for the LCK Summer Split. This allowed him to achieve an incredible performance, the statistics of which surprise analysts.

CS:GO: The war in Ukraine may have destroyed Navi

The esports has been keeping a close eye on the current situation in Ukraine since the invasion began. A CS:GO team has so far been a symbol: Navi. Composed of Ukrainian and Russian players, it has long conveyed a message of solidarity and mutual aid... before imploding.

Warzone 2: What if we already knew the map?

Although Activision and Infinity Ward have been formalizing the next Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone 2 for several weeks now, information about it is starting to run out. However, leaks on his POIs have emerged, and a player has imagined his map.

V Rising: Stunlock thanks players and talks about the future

Stunlock's survival sandbox is having a great launch, and the publisher wanted to warmly thank its community. The threshold of one million registrations was crossed very recently, and vampires could well become even more numerous in the coming weeks.

LoL: What is a RIOT ID and what is its purpose?

This little-known feature can be very useful for managing your collection of Riot Games games. It allows you to easily link your exploits on League of Legends, and on Valorant, while guaranteeing the possibility of meeting the people who have been added as friends on these titles.

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