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PS5: The 5 games that gave us a real graphic slap

Elden Ring, God of War: Ragnarök, The Callisto Protocol... Which of these games transported us so much with its breathtaking universe and graphics? Find our selection of games that surprised us as they were so well done on PlayStation 5.

MOBA's Most Hated Champion Is Also Infuriating TFT Players

TFT welcomed a new set a few weeks ago and players were able to discover new synergies and champions. But there is one, hated on League of Legends, which exasperates the community a little more with each game...

Elden Ring: Top 5 bosses that made us drool in the Game of the Year!

FromSoftware is an ode to tragedy, rage and despair not only in the art direction of its games, but especially in the creation of its monsters and bosses. In order to perpetuate these bad memories, find our top 5 of the most difficult bosses of Elden Ring.

LoL: When does season 13 start?

Some League of Legends players aren't fond of the preseason and are eagerly awaiting the return of the rankeds. If it is still possible to make some in this off-peak period, when will the opening of the ladder for season 13 take place?

Genshin Impact: the most popular game of the year on Twitter?

Genshin Impact is well known for being one of the most popular games in the world and it looks like that reputation will go further as the game becomes the most popular on Twitter with a landslide victory. But who were his rivals?

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