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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Discover the best valves of the game, and there are real nuggets!

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Discover the best valves of the game, and there are real nuggets!

If you also enjoy the many word games present in the Animal Crossing license, especially when you capture fish and insects, then this article is for you! Here's a selection of the franchise's best valves.

Since the very beginning with Animal Crossing on GameCube (in Europe), players have been used to puns and other jokes that developers have voluntarily integrated into licensed games. Animal Crossing New Horizons is obviously no exception to the rule and that's probably what makes the game so charming in addition to its addictive gameplay and colorful graphics. An unconditional fan of the franchise since 2004, it was mainly by catching a few fish and capturing insects that I discovered how hilarious the French translation of the dialogues was. Here is a selection of the best puns that I have in my memory but do not hesitate to share, in comments, the valves that made you laugh the most during your hours of play.

Pisces puns

  • New Leaf: "You took a barbel! It's better than an ugly restaurant!"
  • New Horizons: "You took a flounder! He doesn't look confused!"
  • New Horizons: "You took a dorado! As it grows, it will become a doradult!"
  • New Horizons: "You took a moray eel! She lives in a muchâteau!"
  • Wild World: "It's a shark! It has my mother's teeth!"
  • New Horizons: "You took a scarus! Scarus, scare, scarum..." (before the update)
  • Wild World: "It's a catfish! Eating catfish!"
  • New Horizons: "You caught a snapper! Nothing to do with snapper!"
Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In sea creatures

  • New Horizons: "You brought up an oyster! Plus four, that's twelve!"
  • New Horizons: "You pulled up an abalone! It's better than a low plane tree!"
  • New Horizons: "You brought up a scallop! It's the hottie's husband!"
  • New Horizons: "You brought up a snow crab! He's an alpine ski champion!"
  • New Horizons: "You brought up a whelk! It's not a boiled little mouse!"
  • New Horizons: "You brought up a halocynthia roretzi! Bad luck, she didn't pick up..."
  • New Horizons: "You brought up an octopus! They say it lays eggs!"
Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In insects

  • New Horizons: "You took a lemon! You're still missing an oringe and a pimplefruit!"
  • Let's Go to the City: "You've caught a woodlouse! All you have to do is find the key!"
  • Wild World: "It's an ant! Crooked ant!"
  • New Horizons: "You caught a beetle inclinatus! I have a certain fondness for this insect!"
  • New Horizons: "You caught a miyama beetle! Have you ever seen a miyama beetle on a motorcycle?"
  • New Horizons: "You caught a pseudotorynorrhina! Now look for a real one!"
  • New Horizons: "You caught a Goliath beetle! Are there David beetles too?"
  • Wild World: "I caught a scorpion. You should think about changing your hobby all the same, it's getting dangerous."
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