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Twitch: These 5 French streamers who marked the platform in 2022

Twitch: These 5 French streamers who marked the platform in 2022

It's been a busy year for Twitch FR content creators. Between a successful GP Explorer, an explosive Eleven All-Stars or a ZEvent "flop" that broke all records, here are the five streamers who marked the platform in 2022!

This year 2022 has been a significant period for French-speaking Twitch. Several large-scale events have only exploded the French records of the platform, and therefore delighted the viewers. While Twitch viewers will long remember this eventful year, let's take stock of these five streamers who made their mark on Amazon's platform in 2022!

Squeezie and his exceptional GP Explorer

Squeezie's GP Explorer took place on October 8th on the legendary Bugatti circuit in Le Mans. More than 40,000 people gathered on site to watch the crazy race between the stables of streamers/Youtubers trained for several months in the discipline. Virtually, the event gathered more than 1 million viewers on Twitch, thus exploding the platform's record for French-speaking streams.

The F4 race marked its audience with a victory for Sylvain de Vilebrequin who won this first edition of the GP Explorer. As Squeezie says so well: "there could be a sequel, if all goes well" . In addition to all this, the content creator entertained his community with his weekly Twitch lives on various games, often accompanied by his team of friends: Locklear, Doigby or even Gotaga.

GP Explorer - October 8, 2022 - Millenium
GP Explorer - October 8, 2022

Amine, the king of the Eleven All-Stars

This Saturday, November 19, took place the most anticipated event of Twitch FR: the Eleven All Stars. The France/Spain special streamers football match took place at the Jean Bouin stadium in Paris in front of 20,000 spectators... and many more on Twitch! So much so that the Amine chain, in addition to exceeding the record set by the GP Explorer, has achieved a world feat. The streamer has put in place colossal means to give its viewers/spectators an unforgettable evening: concert by Niska, Gazo and Koba LaD in preshow, Alexandre Ruiz on commentary and Laurent Paganelli at the edge of the field. The efforts of the event organizer paid off because 1,158,000 viewers were there at the peak audience on Twitch. The week of the event, the streamer became the most popular on the platform ... on a global scale!

In addition to registering the Twitch FR internationally, Amine will have delighted his community with his lives react on shows like 3 months to get married , during which he followed the adventures of young engaged couples. One thing is certain, the content creator will have marked this year 2022.

Eleven All Stars - November 19, 2022 - Millenium
Eleven All Stars - November 19, 2022

ZeratoR and its "flop" ZEvent

Announced as a "flop" by many Twitter users, ZeratoR and the ZEvent streamers were able to make this 2022 edition a record! In just 2h30 of live, the kitty already reached one million on the first day of live. The viewers/donors were there and until the final rushes on Sunday evening, they did not let go. The content creators finally managed to raise 10,181,820 euros!

Even the streamers who couldn't be present at ZEvent did a good deed, like Amine who donated €4,000 on Mister MV's live. Like what this flopesque edition was not at all and as always, the ZeratoR event broke a new record. One thing is certain, this colossal sum will greatly help the associations chosen by the community and ultimately, that is the most important thing. We don't yet know what face the next edition of ZEvent will take, but we can't wait to find out and relive weekends like this.

ZEvent 2022 - From September 9 to 11, 2022 - Millenium
ZEvent 2022 - From September 9 to 11, 2022

Domingo, who broke the boundaries of the virtual

With his Popcorn show but also his participation in Eleven All Stars, GP Explorer and ZEvent, Domingo has been on all fronts this year. He notably marked the summer of French-speaking Twitch with the Popcorn festival, an open-air broadcast in addition to a major festival... all in the mythical town of Montcuq. With no less than 4,000 festival-goers on site, the evening of July 2 was memorable, not only for Domingo and his team, but also for those on site and spectators via Twitch.

On the program: completely crazy activities with distinguished guests such as Monsieur Poulpe, Ponce, Étoiles, Mistermv, Baghera Jones, Xari, Zack and Ava; but also pre-show concerts with the streamer LittleBigWhale but also PV Nova, Zerator, Sarah Coponat, Florent Garcia and Camille Bigeault who all gave a little voice. For those who missed it or who can't wait to relive such moments, good news: the Popcorn Festival will be back in 2023!

Popcorn festival Montcuq - July 2, 2022 - Millenium
Popcorn festival Montcuq - July 2, 2022

Kameto, the CEO on all fronts

How to talk about the figures of French-speaking Twitch in 2022 without mentioning General Kameto. Already busy with the KCorp which continues to break all records at the national and international level, the CEO has been on all fronts. It was on the night of Saturday April 2 to Sunday April 3 that the "Pixel War" broke out, opposing many streamers from all over the world, who fought with waves of pixels on the r/place to defend their territory. Led by General Kameto, the French troops faced the Spanish invasion and wrote the face of our dear Zidane in history.

Lately, Kameto has been a coach for the French team of Eleven All Stars streamers. Once again facing his nemesis Ibai, he knew how to motivate his players so that they crushed the Spanish team: 2-0. The CEO of the KC has thus become a true mentor for French-speaking content creators, who will never forget the determination of their coach in this year 2022.

"Message from France: no"
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