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LoL: Riot Games appoints a new Chief Gameplay Director

The biggest changes regarding the future of the most popular MOBA on the planet are not necessarily those announced with great fanfare by the publisher. With the appointment of a new Lead Gameplay Producer, League of Legends could well take a big turn in the coming months.

Warzone 2: Infinity Ward teases the map

In recent days, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone 2 are on all fronts. And since the reveal of the Modern Warfare 2 trailer on June 8, it's like nothing that the next Battle Royale has unveiled its map... Have you seen it?

LoL: Champions who seem to benefit the most from 12.11

This new patch was supposed to continue the shift started on 12.10. If for the moment the balance of League of Legends does not seem too upset, some characters seem to be doing well.


Stormgate: Everything we know so far and beta details

More than a year after unveiling its real-time strategy (RTS) game project, Frost Giant Studios finally unveiled Stormgate during the Summer Game Fest 2022. This new Free-to-Play game full of promise and inspiration known unveiled its first cinematic.

The name and release date of the next ADC already revealed?

As we've only just welcomed Bel'Veth to Summoner's Rift, we're already wondering when the next League of Legends champion will arrive. The wait should not take too long and the famous water ADC promised by Riot Games should soon point the tip of its nose.

Esports to the rescue of cinema?

In recent years, the film industry has suffered from the health crisis as well as the appearance of many streaming platforms. On the occasion of the LFL one-day cinema broadcast, we can wonder if esports can be a solution to boost attendance in dark rooms?

LoL: LEC Summer Split Tickets Are On Sale!

As League of Legends competition in Europe resumes next week, Riot Games has just announced some very good news. Spectators will once again be able to physically attend LEC matches in Berlin.

Epic Games Store free games list for the month of June 2022

Find the list of free games currently available for download for the month of June 2022: list updated weekly. Epic Games Store does not change its good habits with a game per week which will thicken your library a little more, every Thursday at 5:00 p.m.


Summer Game Fest: Humankind is coming to consoles with new DLC

After a successful release on PC, the 4X from Amplitude studios announces at Summer Game fest its release on the various consoles of the moment: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5. A second DLC dedicated to Latin America is also planned, with 6 additional cultures.

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