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GeoGuessr on WoW, GTA 5 or Skyrim? It exists and it's absolutely brilliant!

GeoGuessr on WoW, GTA 5 or Skyrim? It exists and it's absolutely brilliant!

Explore the maps of your favorite games with Geoguessr sauce? It is now possible thanks to this duo of developers who have given everything to allow players to show their knowledge of geography on their favorite maps!

If you've spent any time on the internet this year, you've no doubt heard of Geoguessr , the game that lets players explore the world map in order to guess where they are. Propelled to a random location in Google Maps Street View, virtual explorers must pay attention to the landscapes around them in order to designate where they think they are on the world map. A production which was born in 2013 thanks to Anton Wallén but which has been greatly democratized through streamers like Antoine Daniel or Etoiles , great followers of the concept on the French-speaking side.

But while Geoguessr type games are very successful, a duo of friends had the brilliant idea of adapting the concept... for video game maps!

A great story from two passionate developers

The idea comes to us from this duo of English developers, Lewis and Atticus, who had the fabulous idea of taking the maps of their favorite games in order to convert them into Geoguessr mode. Thus, it is possible for players to navigate their favorite virtual world through screenshots in order to guess where they have landed.

They made themselves known by sharing their creations on the various Reddit servers for video game productions. They hope that their concept will become popular enough to attract the attention of publishers... why not those of Geoguessr, who could develop a special mode containing their creations.

As the duo so aptly put it for Vice magazine: "What we're doing with Lostgamer is more than a geographical guessing game. By dint of offering new games, we're build a historical archive of video game worlds".

"When I proposed to Lewis to embark on the project in 2017, it was mainly for fun. We have been friends since middle school and we have always played a lot of games together. When we launched our first GeoGuessr on Fortnite, it was really primitive. Our skills weren't quite there yet. The game was mostly a series of screenshots that we took ourselves."
Atticus (Source)
  • You can play the Lewis and Atticus production right here.

    For now, the game only has four maps (Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto V). But much more is to come in the next few months as the developers work hard. On the program: Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, Red Dead Redemption II and even... Elden Ring.

An Elden Ring map on the program?

In view of the success of FromSoftware's production, which has just been voted game of the year at the Game Awards 2022, the duo would soon like to produce a map of the Underworld. It is true that the latter is vast and has many areas that stand out for their landscapes or places of interest. In short, a perfect map for a Geoguessr type game!

Only problem, Atticus mentions that it is complicated to create an Elden Ring map because unlike Skyrim for example, the game does not offer commands to teleport from one place to another or to move your camera. According to him, it is therefore quite difficult to carry out these commands in an automated way and other ways should be found to circumvent this obstacle.

Will you be able to do better than us?

Of course, our dear writing lent itself to the game and here are our final scores on the Skyrim map as well as on that of GTA V.

  • And you, what score did you achieve?
Ocelote, still boderline on Twitter after leaving G2

After creating a controversy on the networks, Ocelote in a more or less constrained way distanced itself from G2, its structure. Some would have kept a low profile to return later to the front of the stage (League of Legends, Valorant, CS:GO...). But that's not Carlos' style.

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