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PS5: The 5 games that gave us a real graphic slap

PS5: The 5 games that gave us a real graphic slap

Elden Ring, God of War: Ragnarök, The Callisto Protocol... Which of these games transported us so much with its breathtaking universe and graphics? Find our selection of games that surprised us as they were so well done on PlayStation 5.

With the arrival of the PlayStation 5, many games have been able to amaze us with breathtaking graphics. Some games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales made us have a great time, especially with the perspective of the buildings which gives a crazy impression of depth. Staying on the little red and black spider, there is also the feeling of speed and fluidity of movement as we dart from building to building with the help of our web. We can also think of Elden Ring, which brings a very well controlled and gargantuan artistic direction, but the graphics are not yet up to it for it to be part of this top. However, these two games, even if I adore them endlessly, are not the most beautiful that we have seen on the PlayStation 5, quite the contrary.

Thus, we present to you the 5 games that left us speechless because of their relentless techniques.

Demons Souls (2020)


Demon's Souls is one of the showcase games of the PlayStation 5 and happens to be one of the first that really benefits from the optimization of the console. While the first game was pretty basic (in view of how powerful the PlayStation 3 was at the time), here this remake version features some jaw-dropping settings . The infrastructures seem to observe us with an inquisitive air and the oppressive atmosphere of the title's global universe is very well transcribed through the various details embedded in the game. The depth of field, the details on the monsters and other bosses, the animations of skills, lighting that sublimate the artistic direction proposed by FromSoftware… Everything is there for you to say “woaw” .

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart


Another showcase game for the PlayStation 5, one of the favorite duos in the video game world. This new Ratchet & Clank opus is simply sublime, there are no four ways to explain that. We may be dealing with lombax, they are not devoid of feelings and details . Just see the details that have been brought to their coats, the facial expressions that at a glance let you know what they feel, the animations at each hit that hit our weapons, the physics of the opponents and the environment. In addition to having a highly pleasant artistic direction, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart wowed us from start to finish.

God of War: Ragnarok


It was mandatory to have a small place for the titan God of War: Ragnarök and it is not surprising; the title of 2019 was already magnificent so we could expect even better for this new opus. The latter amazed us when various events take place in a single gameplay scene (Ragnarök in particular). We notice that the developers perfectly master all the techniques necessary to immerse the players in their universe. In addition to the facial expressions that bring life to the different characters, we can also appreciate the various combat animations that have been brilliantly executed. We feel the power and complexity of all attacks. The environments are also superb with lighting coming to magnify what surrounds us , even our armor… We would have liked to stay a little longer on Yggdrasil to continue to contemplate these decorations.

The Last of Us: Part I


In addition to having an artistic direction that speaks to many characters and a story that keeps you going. The Last of Us: Part I has its place in this article, because it was able to convey horribly painful feelings through its characters . In addition to having sumptuous sets and lighting that bring a certain depth, we find ourselves being touched by characters who do not even exist, as the graphics are so close to reality. This realism mixed with a very dark artistic direction brings a most obscure sublime which did not leave us indifferent . We can't wait to see The Last of Us: Part II have its PlayStation 5 upgrade, because without a doubt, it will follow the graphic progress that the first opus was able to obtain.

Horizon Forbidden West


Despite a gameplay that will not have been appreciated by everyone, there is nevertheless one aspect of the game on which the players all agree: the graphics that are not equal to any game currently. Horizon Forbidden West has a sublime graphic style and artistic direction. The different rays of the sun falling on the green forests revealing some streams of light, realistic faces full of details, the physics of water which gives this feeling of real, an environment physics so impressive that you could imagine the wind blowing here, the perfectly executed combat animations, sumptuous sets rich in detail… Horizon Forbidden West has all the cards in hand to take its players on a journey.

And you? What was the game that blew your mind from a graphical point of view? Please let us know in the comments!

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