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The end of Fortnite on Switch? Info or intox ?

A wind of panic blew this Sunday evening on the Fortnite Switch community. And for good reason: a rumor about the end of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch has spread on social networks. We take stock to disentangle the true from the false.

Minecraft welcomes Pre Release 2 and 3

In a few weeks, Minecraft players will be able to discover version 1.19 of the Mojang Studios title called the Wild Update. But before having the final version of this one, the developers share the different Pre Releases and this week we welcome 2 and 3.

Have the skins for the next Battle Pass leaked?

Spoiler alert! Some of the world's most famous dataminers have relayed an image that would be linked to Fortnite's next battle pass! We see many first-rate skins, such as Darth Vader or Indiana Jones.

LoL: An Error Reveals The Game's Next Big Event

League of Legends officials in Korea have thrown the game into shambles by unveiling patch 12.10. In a video compiling the changes, the developer included footage of an as-yet-unannounced skin and hinted at the big event of the summer.

PS Plus Premium: A behemoth of the PS1 soon in the offer!

While there is only a month left before the arrival in Europe of the new PlayStation Plus subscriptions, here is that one of the behemoths of the PS1 has unfortunately already leaked. Back to childhood, or not, with moving reunions.

Lost Ark: What about NFTs? Amazon tells us more!

At a time when NFTs already seem like an elusive distant memory of a short era, some Lost Ark players still hope to see this feature introduced in many ways in Lost Ark. Amazon Games quickly decided in order to cut short the discussions on this subject!

GTA 5 Online: A major update planned on next-gen?

While PS5 and Xbox Series players were able to welcome GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online last March, a leak this time announces the arrival of a major update for the online mode. Any novelties on the way? We hope so!

TikTok is getting into video games?

TikTok seems to dominate the vast world of social networks. However, the application would now like to turn to a new sector of activity: video games. A new feature that could soon land worldwide!

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