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Where are the Hot Spots?

The hot zone system used by Electronic Arts on Apex Legends seems to have once again inspired Epic Games which has just released its own version of hot spots on Fortnite's Battle Royale mode.

This Funko Advent calendar is a hit as Christmas approaches!

Are you looking for a gift idea to garnish the tree as Christmas and the end of the year celebrations approach? This Fortnite Funko Pop Advent calendar may interest you, because it does not contain vulgar chocolates...

Game Awards 2022: These 5 games that we are sure to see during the ceremony!

Two days before the event, we sit down for two minutes to go around the games that have already been announced for the ceremony, or which make no mystery of their presence during the TGA 2022. We obviously hope that there will be big surprises, but in the meantime here are 5 sure facts.

Elden Ring: Free Colosseum Update Coming today

With players desperately awaiting Elden Ring's first DLC for months, and announcements during The Game Awards 2022, From Software surprised everyone by announcing a PvP content patch rolling out on December 7th.

They change their voice to female and experience sexism

In Valorant, being a woman and communicating with voice chat is complicated when playing online. Sexism is everywhere and animals harass the players all day long... Don't you believe it? Discover the experience of Women in Games Argentina.

LoL: ADC, an impossible role to balance?

The ADC job is one of the most frustrating jobs in League of Legends. In addition to being very dependent on their allies, they can often feel like they're useless in a lot of games, which leads to frustration. But isn't that a necessary evil?

The return of waves of imports in LEC, really?

On stream, Caedrel made a point of stressing that there would be more LEC imports in 2023 than in 2022. He even went so far as to talk about the return of waves of imports... We understand the idea, but when we look at the history of League of Legends, we still have room!

Deku and the other My Hero Academia skins, when is it for?

Fortnite x MHA will become a reality during this season 1 of chapter 4! But is there a release date for this collaboration that promises to be spectacular? Many players search for Deku and All-Might in the Battle Pass, to no avail...

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