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Game Awards 2022: These 5 games that we are sure to see during the ceremony!

Game Awards 2022: These 5 games that we are sure to see during the ceremony!

Two days before the event, we sit down for two minutes to go around the games that have already been announced for the ceremony, or which make no mystery of their presence during the TGA 2022. We obviously hope that there will be big surprises, but in the meantime here are 5 sure facts.

Notice to night owls: the Game Awards 2022 will take place on the night of Thursday to Friday from 01:30 am. If the builders and the big publishers now stall their lives at more convenient times for everyone, the guy Geoff continues to swing his ceremony at the hour of the sandman. Never mind, we will of course be present to cover all the remarkable announcements of the ceremony and incidentally, the award ceremony. Below are 5 games we're sure to get a glimpse of during this last big world premiere source before the holidays.

Final Fantasy XVI

The announcement has been leaked and the big announcement that should have been unveiled during the ceremony for Final Fantasy 16 was leaked upstream: the release date was indeed leaked a few days ago and we suspect that it is why Naoki Yoshida was going to be present during the ceremony. We obviously hope that he has packed a little gameplay in his suitcase, so as not to come empty-handed. Pre-orders for this game, which is one of the biggest releases of 2023, should open in the wake of the TGA with, we imagine, a massive and overpriced collector's edition.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

The official EA and Respawn Entertainment accounts have confirmed that Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, the highly anticipated sequel to Fallen Order , will attend The Game Awards. “Action-packed gameplay” will then be broadcast during the conference and the new poster shows us a much more mature Cal Kestis accompanied by his faithful droid. As a reminder, the scenario will take place five years after the end of the first opus, in a universe more inclined to the darkness of the Empire than ever. Fans are still wondering if they will be entitled to a strong link between the Obi Wan Kenobi series and the game, which take place at exactly the same time, ten years after Order 66. We hope in any case to learn more about the Grand Inquisitor and the mysterious characters from the first trailer. On the rumor side, it seems that a leak on Steam indicates a release date for Jedi Survivor on March 15, 2023, but we will have the heart of it this Thursday!

tekken 8

We only saw a few seconds of it during its teaser during EVO 2022, but the slap was already quite violent : presenting a duel well known to fans of the series, the only bit of fight that we could see promises enormously on the visual aspect of the game, which always relies on realism. Thanks to the Unreal Engine 5, Tekken 8 should bring the cult series to the next generation with flying colors based on the engine that is likely to be the reference engine for a lot of studios in the coming years. We can't wait to see what Katsuhiro Harada and his teams have prepared for the Game Awards 2022 ceremony.

Dead Space Remake

Now that The Callisto Protocol has been through it, sci-fi horror fans will kindly be able to turn to its daron. The technical remake of the mythical Dead Space will clearly be present at this Game Awards ceremony , but we wonder why. The developers threw out gameplay and lots of notebooks to make it clear what it was going to be about in the big widths. An extended gameplay session was recently released for this survival horror still scheduled for January 27, 2023 on next-generation consoles and PC, it is very likely that we will be entitled to a shortened version during the live.

The Next Kojima

We put him in the games, but Hideo Kojima has other occupations and we don't know precisely what to expect around the teasers of the Japanese creator . the last time he spent a head with his great Geoff, he presented us with a podcast and specified that he was actively embarking on the production of a filmic object. The teasing around the announcement, whatever it is, started several weeks ago and Hideo talks on his Twitter account about a new step for Kojima Productions. If many imagine a Death Stranding 2, it is very likely that it will still take everyone on the wrong foot by sending something very different, remains to be seen if it is good or bad news that awaits us at the end of the road.

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