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LoL: The rankeds are getting a makeover for the 2023 season

LoL: The rankeds are getting a makeover for the 2023 season

Riot Games has just announced big changes to the rankeds for the 2023 League of Legends season. Make way for two splits, less restrictive promotions but above all even more rewards!

Climbing the ladder is not easy for everyone. For some League of Legends players, reaching Gold rank is a simple formality, while for others it's a real hassle. After dozens or even hundreds of games, some don't even manage to reach the level allowing them to unlock the end of season skin. As a result, summoners despair, while others abandon the ranked queues once their objective is fulfilled. A state of affairs that displeases Riot Games, which has therefore decided to make some changes for the ranked in 2023.

Two splits for season 13

Riot Games has decided to create two ranked splits next year. The objective is simple. Since most players reach their goal in the middle of the season, the studio wants to push them to continue playing ranked mode throughout the year.

" League of Legends will have two ladder resets in the 2023 season. Segment 1 will begin at the start of the year in January, and Segment 2 will begin in the middle of the year (exact date to be determined)."

But that's not all, to motivate players even more, the promotion series between levels will be in 2 winning rounds instead of 3 winning rounds and the influence of rank on your games will be removed.

Earning segment points will be simplified: you will earn “segment points” for each match you play in ranked mode. A certain amount per win, and a little less for a loss.

And extra rewards!

Who says two classified segments also says 2 classified skins ! You'll earn them as before, with just one tiny change. Starting next season, ranked skins will be available to players of all ranks, not just those who have reached Gold rank . You will continue to earn chromas based on your end-of-segment rank.

League of Legends

However, you will have to fulfill one condition to obtain the famous skin if you are not Gold or higher: play a lot. Also, once a Silver player reaches Gold, they will unlock the skin, even if they drop back down to Silver. A good thing for all players who simply stopped ranked once they reached Gold rank.

In addition, the global rewards are going to be improved: you will be able to unlock Hextech keys, chests and other surprises as you progress through each segment.

These changes look pretty good on paper, and should motivate a lot of players to keep ranked even after they reach Gold.

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