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God of War Ragnarök: An unfinished photo mode found by players

God of War: Ragnarök is already considered a near-perfect game. However, a feature much appreciated by some fans has not yet been integrated into the game, the photo mode. Fortunately, there is always a savior to dig into the game data.

God of War Ragnarok PS4 VS PS5: The comparison

The technical professionals of the Digital Foundry chain have looked into God of War Ragnarök and released a PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5 comparison with small onions, complete with their comments. Find out what this famous PS4 version is worth.

GTA 5 (finally) on the decline 9 years after its release?

It's time for financial statements for the various video game studios, and the parent company of Rockstar Games takes stock of the latest figures recorded. For the first time in its history, it seems that sales of GTA 5 are slowing down...

This Sword Art Online-inspired VR headset can literally kill you...

In the famous anime SAO, it was on November 6, 2022 that 10,000 players found themselves imprisoned in a VRMMORPG, with IRL death as a penalty, in the event of death in game. Palmer Luckey, one of the founders of Oculus celebrated the event by creating a helmet replicating this feature.

Twitch: Amouranth answer to haters regarding money

Once again, Amouranth faces her haters who keep trying to put her down. After shocking revelations about her married life, the streamer reacts to some rumors, including the one that she lost a lot of money...

A closure notice to fear on PS4 and PS5?

A recent announcement post has stirred up turmoil in the community. It mentions a shutdown notice from the current app provider on Playstation. Cognosphere will now support the game on PS4 and PS5. Should we be worried about it?

Elyoya, Jankos... Inflated transfer prices in LEC?

During the transfer window, the numbers fly in all directions. Elyoya and Jankos, two of Europe's top League of Legends junglers are making headlines right now. They have not (yet) been transferred, in particular because their market value is very high!

God of War Ragnarok will turn your PS4 into a Boeing 747!

Ready to take off? The 9 kingdoms of Norse mythology will open their doors in a few days now. Available on PS4 and PS5, GoW Ragnarok seems to be doing well on the previous generation, but prepare for a devilish racket!

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