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Elden Ring: Watch out for this hacker trap that can get you banned!

Elden Ring: Watch out for this hacker trap that can get you banned!

While many Shardless take advantage of Elden Ring's multiplayer mode, some malicious players have found a dark technique to banish others. Enough to create a wave of panic in Entre-terre!

Released last February, Elden Ring still continues to unleash the Shardless around the world thanks to its open world populated by mysteries as well as creatures of all kinds. But while many are impatiently awaiting the announcement of a DLC, players are spending more and more time in multiplayer in order to explore the Underworld and especially to demolish the bosses who are there together. This mode seems very innocent on the surface and yet the people who are there do not always have good intentions.

"Delete it !"

The case broke when a Reddit user by the name of u/PeatzzzZ posted a plea for help. While in multiplayer, the other Splinterless in-game dropped a rather intriguing item which according to most Wikis is non-existent/not found. "Should I be worried?" , asks the user.

Immediately, Elden Ring players present on the platform's server responded that it was necessary to get rid of it, otherwise they would be banned very soon. This is a very deceitful technique that some malicious Shardless use to cause a person's ban: in multiplayer, they drop an object that does not exist in game or that contains "Error" (error) at the beginning of its name. The possession of such an object is hacking, FromSoftware teams banish those who have them in their inventories.

Although many believe that the moment the player picks up the item the account is doomed, others say that it is necessary to quickly get rid of it in order to limit the damage and thus potentially avoid the ban of FromSoftware . No one knows exactly why these malicious players banish other random users, trolls are everywhere and even in the Underworld.

A next DLC?

For the past few weeks and as the impatience of the players has increased, leaks to be taken with a grain of salt have been constantly appearing all over the internet. In question, patch 1.07 which would have allowed some curious people (Lance MacDonald as well as Sekiro Dubi) to explore the source files of Elden Ring.

  • "DLC01": A new file, named "m61_arena_026", is said to have been discovered by Sekiro Dubi, along with loot from two arena enemies and new hairstyles potentially usable by the player. New files would also have been stamped "DLC01", with arena-related content.
  • Ray-Tracing: According to Lance McDonald , this functionality should land very soon in Entre-terre because he would have found in the game files the mention of this system several times.
  • Two new maps? This is the detail that caught the attention of the Shardless, the mention of two new cards that are not (yet) available in Elden Ring. No more details were revealed by Lance McDonald, but this announcement was enough to ignite the web and hyper fans of FromSoftware's production.
  • Elden Ringed City: Also particularly intriguing is the addition of alternate maps, textures, and elements for arenas, similar to how there are for the different versions of the map, such as Necrolimbo before and after. Radhan's Meteor, or the Underworld after the World Tree burns down.
  • Thirty new bosses? Here is what Sekiro Dubi suggests after discovering the creation of about thirty slots for new colossal opponents in the files of Elden Ring.

    Lots of speculation but unfortunately, the impatient Shardless will have to be patient before discovering what the FromSoftware teams have in store for them. Why not at the Game Awards ceremony on Thursday, December 8?

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