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God of War Ragnarök: Do you play on PS5? Be careful, it can spoil the game!

God of War Ragnarök: Do you play on PS5? Be careful, it can spoil the game!

God of War Ragnarök has been out for almost a week and spoilers keep surfacing all over the networks. But imagine this time if this unwanted information came from... your own PS5?

Released on November 9, the PlayStation exclusive from Santa Monica studios seems to seduce players with its breathtaking graphics but also its intrigue around Norse mythology that continues to fascinate budding Kratos... and children. numbers prove it! Although the French-speaking sales have not yet been revealed, those of our English neighbors show that the adventures of Kratos as well as his son Atreus have had tremendous success.

As proof, in just one day, God of War Ragnarök did better than its elder in 1 week with the English. On the international side this time, the production is in second position of the most played titles for a PlayStation exclusivity with more than 400,000 simultaneous users who have been counted on Sony consoles. Colossal figures which confirm that God of War Ragnarök is indeed establishing itself as one of the most important games of this year.

But while the game has been out for almost a week, many have yet to complete the adventures of Kratos and Atreus. They therefore try carefully to avoid any spoilers that could reveal to them the end of the central plot of God of War Ragnarök. Despite all this, some have been spoiled by their own PS5...

Betrayed by his own

Here's how it felt for PS5 players who were spoiled by their own next-gen console. But then, where can these deceitful spoilers hide? On the game sheet directly for example! You read correctly, on the PS5 hub there is various information related to each user's games, including Youtube videos. Sometimes, between two trailers, let's play videos of some productions slip in which can totally spoil the rest of a video game adventure.

This has been the case for several God of War Ragnarök players, who have complained of having come across gigantic spoilers scattered all over the PS5 menus. Too bad for some who wanted to avoid spoilers at all costs by mutating certain words on the networks. All this to finally be spoiled by their own console...

God of War: Ragnarok

How not to be spoiled by your PS5?

If going to your PS5 hub now terrifies you, fear not. It is possible to get rid of these suggestion videos that can tell you the end of your adventure. All you have to do is block the tracking of games you absolutely don't want to be spoiled for by following these steps.

  • Go to the Settings menu, then to Saved data .
  • Select Games/applications settings > Tracked games > Disable the game of your choice (here God of War Ragnarok).

    But that's not all because Sony's next-gen console still has an anti-spoiler system that can be activated in order to "censor" sensitive content on which you absolutely do not want to be spoiled.

  • Go to Settings > Saved Data .
  • Select Games/Apps Settings > Spoiler Warning .

    Something to protect you from unwanted spoilers... at least on your PS5. Be careful though, the networks are still the main sources of spoilers about the latest God of War!

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