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LoL Worlds: the best esport in the world?

Breathtaking, incredible, majestic... There is no shortage of words when talking about the final of the League of Legends Worlds. The ceremony was exceptional and we had chills live from the Chase Center. We may be a little biased, but for us, it really is the best esport.

Twitch: A streamer puts a sexist player in his place!

While streaming on Valorant, an inappropriate comment in her chat caught the attention of Chipsette, who responded in a very effective manner. When a streamer gives a good lesson to a sexist player, it gives that and it's very satisfying!

Final Fantasy 16, a PS5 exclusive for a limited time?

While Final Fantasy 16 is getting more and more talked about, a PlayStation advertisement today gives us more information on the release window of Square Enix's production on PS5 but also on other platforms... like PC for example?

GTA 5: Create your own music on the Online? It could happen soon!

We know it only too well, but one of the essential elements in a GTA title including GTA 5 is obviously the cars but also the music! What would we do without our radio when we're on the road? Well it looks like we can make ours soon...

Genshin Impact: How much do Whales really spend?

Genshin Impact embodies the lucrative gatcha game par excellence, which with each character release manages to fill its community with hype. This craze for ultra-charismatic heroes translates into spending sprees among some players. Also called "whales" by their peers.

Will Faker retire after Worlds 2022?

Every season finale, League of Legends esports fans wonder if it's time for Faker to retire. We go through the player's statements and all available clues to try to determine what he will do after Worlds 2022.

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