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Final Fantasy 16: A controversy and new info for Square Enix's RPG

Final Fantasy 16: A controversy and new info for Square Enix's RPG

New round of some world publications for the team at the bedside of FF16 led by the charismatic Naoki Yoshida. On the program, a lot of new information on Square Enix's PS5 exclusivity scheduled for next summer and a communication hiccup.

With each trailer, he throws stars in our eyes, the famous Final Fantasy XVI supposed to mark with a hot iron the beginning of a new generation for the mythical saga. But it's not for now since the game of Creative Business Unit 3 is only scheduled for next summer, with a release date that has not yet been specified, but it will not be long.

The lack of diversity is controversial

Ouch, little communication slippage around Final Fantasy XVI from Naoki Yoshida. When pointed out to him about the lack of diversity and representation of minorities in the game (via the trailers), the Japanese creator defends himself by arguing that it is simply because the action takes place on a single continent inspired by the Central Europe , in a medieval period. According to him, it is therefore impossible to have a representation as varied as on a global scale without going beyond the narrative limits that the developers have set themselves. An answer largely summarized here and it is to be found in its entirety on IGN . An answer that obviously did not convince many people on the networks.

Final Fantasy XVI

Project news

The new interviews granted to the press allow all the same to learn more about the near future concerning FFXVI: thus the project would be completed up to 95% for the moment and a final release date should be announced by the end of end of the year. The lifespan is also mentioned and it would take 45 to 50 hours to complete the game in a straight line, 70 if you go for the 100%. Finally, a demo version was also put on the table, but Naoki Yoshida clarified that it would not be published too far from the game's release date, to keep the "momentum" and not keep players waiting too long. .

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