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Final Fantasy 16: Release date and explosive gameplay trailer during State of Play!

Final Fantasy 16: Release date and explosive gameplay trailer during State of Play!

Sony's State of Play took place tonight and it was able to delight fans who are waiting for new games to try. Among those who stood out, we find FF16 (Final Fantasy XVI), a PS5 exclusive. The title of Square Enix closes the march with a trailer revealing the gameplay.

On the night of June 2 to 3, 2022, Sony unveiled its new State of Play which allows you to discover new titles, but also to learn more about certain titles like the one we are going to talk about in this news, namely the so many awaited Final Fantasy XVI.

FF16 offers a trailer that slams!

To close this conference, Sony has set the bar quite high by offering the latest trailer for the next game from the Final Fantasy license. In this trailer titled Final Fantasy XVI Dominance , we can learn more about the gameplay that the title from Square Enix will offer. We thus find ourselves on the land blessed by crystals, Valisthéa with animations that send. Whether it's the characters, the Chimeras (or Eikons ) or the different shots, we see that it's slap. Admittedly, it's a trailer and in-game, it may differ, but for a new impression since the last time we had information on the game, it makes you want to discover even more.

This is also what will happen since very quickly, in the trailer, we find the protagonist, Clive Rosfield who is fighting and which allows us to have an overview of the combat system. At one point, we could think of a phase that we would rather find on the side of versus-fighting games with this camera on the side, but then we discover something that is closer to what a J- RPG offers.

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI puts the gum in terms of action

If you've been a fan of the Final Fantasy license for years and hope to see a future game with turn-based mechanics, you can already forget about this idea. Indeed, Final Fantasy 16 is riding the wave of its predecessors , although the latter have not been particularly convincing on all points. Yes, you will find an action-packed combat system in which you can swing skills linked to your Eikons , but also attacks while having the possibility of jumping or using objects to heal yourself for example by using the cross directional.

A system that highlights the action to allow the player to immerse himself fully in the battle and thus hammer his enemies with basic blows, but also with skills among which we find the famous magic, often brought in the license through the Materials. Another interesting point that is highlighted in the fights is the clashes between the EIkons . We see in particular a battle between Ifrit and Bahamut.

And if you think you're done with this trailer, this is not the case since there is one last thing to discover.

Final Fantasy XVI
Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy 16 Windows Release

For Final Fantasy XVI, we will have to wait until the summer of 2023 to see it released on pc, hoping that it will not suffer any postponement by then, but that should not happen with the message left by Naoki Yoshida and Hiroshi Takai.

In any case, the announcement of the end of this State of Play really makes us want to discover more about this next title from Square Enix, but in the meantime, you can find the complete recap of the PlayStation conference in the article below.

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