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LoL: Are the DRXs the biggest surprise in the history of League of Legends Worlds?

LoL: Are the DRXs the biggest surprise in the history of League of Legends Worlds?

In a five-map final, the DRX clinched the title of League of Legends World Champions for the first time in their history. An unexpected outcome, for a team that few people saw go so far in the tournament.

LoL: Are the DRXs the biggest surprise in the history of League of Legends Worlds?

A new chapter in League of Legends history begins with one of the most unexpected champion teams in Worlds history. After finishing sixth in the LCK Summer Split and qualifying for Worlds by moving up the bracket in Regional Qualifying, DRX lifted their first World Championship title . It's a perfect ending for a team that probably wouldn't have bet on their own chances a few months ago. The DRX also became the first world champion team to go through the Play-In.

The most beautiful story of the worlds

By offering the five games that the public dreamed of when imagining the final of these Worlds 2022, DRX was able to make a comeback on the last two games of the series . Despite a third inning where success was clearly on the T1 side, with Baron stealing, the team didn't give up, like in the match against EDG when the inhibitor had respawned while Deft was on an auto-attack to destroy the Nexus.

"Today I realized that it doesn't matter if I'm the best player in the world, what matters is that our team is the best team in the world...and today we were."

The career of each of the team's players tells a great story. Whether it's Deft, who became Faker's nemesis, winning the MSI 2015 in an epic fifth round, and who has just repeated this feat seven years later. Or that of Beryl, considered the weak link in DAMWON Gaming when it reached its first two finals, and who ultimately forced Heimerdinger bans throughout the competition. Or Pyosik , who ended up in tears when the team was at the bottom of the standings.

Things weren't going any better for Zeka and Kingen who after debuts at KT (when the team could play for the LCK podium), found themselves in mid-table teams in the LPL. Their careers didn't seem to want to take off anymore, and even before Worlds very few people would have described them as monsters on their sololanes (compared to the overall level of the tournament of course). All this to end up winning the Worlds following a fight won for an Ancestral Dragon, and a heroic defense against the backdoor of Faker and Zeus.

The most surprising victory of the Worlds?

The DRX's journey is incredible in terms of storytelling , whether it's 3-2 against EDG , then reigning world champions (and the only team to have offered an international title to Deft), against Gen.G the champions of the LCK or even in the final against the most successful team in the history of the game ... A film could be made on it, which we would gladly imagine that the screenwriter adds to it. And yet, this is the true story of the DRX, and it will probably go down as one of the finest League of Legends ever written.

However, are they really the most surprising winners in Worlds history? Few teams have surprised as much as they have, and ultimately only Season 2's TPAs can truly compete with them in the realm of unexpected winners. Without taking anything away from the merit of the DRX, in 12 years of existence, the public is no longer really surprised when a Korean team wins the Cup , while the TPA have surprised the whole world. They too were a team that no one expected at this level. And it is perhaps this similarity between these two teams that makes the strength of the DRX. That of being a new world champion team, but which speaks to both new players and long-time spectators.

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