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Wolverine on PS5? It's clearly not for now...

Looks like we'll be able to wait for Marvel's Wolverine for a while. Indeed, despite the resounding silence of Insomniac Games and Sony, an insider has revealed that the game will not be released this year, or even next year.

Scarlet and Violet: Top 5 Best New 9G Pokémon

With the ninth generation having landed on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, it's time to define which new pocket monsters deserve their place on the leaderboard. Is the list made up only of Legendaries or does it allow lambda creatures to go on the podium?

A very mysterious new project for Rekkles

The level of Rekkles is no longer as imperial as before and we imagine that he could have some difficulties next year in the LEC against the competition. But there is one area where this League of Legends star remains unmatched in Europe, marketing. The Swede has it all figured out.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: Who is 9G's Pikachu?

With the success of the new installment of the Pokémon franchise, some players inevitably have their favorite pokemon, but for the fans of the first hour, who can be the cute and endearing pokemon, the Pikachu of 9G?

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