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GTA 5 Online: A new event is available!

New week in GTA Online, and therefore necessarily: new bonus! In this first week of November, the streets of Los Santos saw aliens and other monsters leave to make way for a whole new event. Here's everything you need to know.

LoL - Worlds 2022: results of the Worlds Crystal Ball before DRX against T1

Ahead of the final between T1 and DRX, it's interesting to look at where the predictions are for the Crystal Ball portion of Riot Games' predictions game. Each prediction can bring a lot of points synonymous with various rewards on League of Legends player accounts.

WoW Dragonflight: Blizzard makes a major decision... But not enough!

The weekly "reset" time for World of Warcraft dungeons and raids has been the subject of heated debate for a while now. With the second part of the Dragonflight PrePatch, Blizzard plans to change it for Europeans, a first! But is it enough?

Little controversy for the Worlds final and its broadcast

The League of Legends community is eagerly awaiting the Worlds finale. This year, Korea will be in the spotlight with an unexpected but story-rich clash between T1 and DRX. But before the match begins, Riot has had a little controversy over the terms of distribution.

Listenbourg: A country created on Twitter to make fun of the United States!

Starting from a joke on the networks, the Listenbourg has made a name for itself. The investment of the citizens of the false country is remarkable and thus, the latter develops its history little by little. In addition to all this, official media are starting to take part in the game!

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