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LoL: Little controversy for the Worlds final and its broadcast

LoL: Little controversy for the Worlds final and its broadcast

The League of Legends community is eagerly awaiting the Worlds finale. This year, Korea will be in the spotlight with an unexpected but story-rich clash between T1 and DRX. But before the match begins, Riot has had a little controversy over the terms of distribution.

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Last I heard, viewership numbers weren't great this year at League of Legends Worlds . Two main explanations can be identified: the timetables , which are really not terrible for Europeans and Asians, and the very average performance of Western regions. If we don't support either a Korean team or a Chinese team, the adventure did indeed end quickly in 2023.

But the numbers could experience a nice upturn. Since the start of the playoffs , players have offered us banger after banger. Between the reverse sweep of DRX against EDG or the demonstration of T1 against JDG, the show was there. For the grand finale, Riot Games also decided to boost its reach using a "backdoor" technique . The latter should be effective, but it has however created a small controversy .

The co-cast: a good way to increase your views

As in traditional sport, the question of broadcasting rights is often thorny in the world of esports and it is not uncommon to see such and such an organization buy or sell an exclusivity. For the Worlds, Riot Games wants to control the flow as much as possible, we are still talking about the biggest esports competition of the year. Only approved broadcasters can broadcast matches. For the others, it is best to be satisfied with a react stream with comments without the image.

But for the final, there will be a big difference. 5 content creators have been allowed to co-cast the DRX vs T1 match! They will therefore be able to directly put the images on their personal channel to offer a much more pleasant experience than a simple react to their community. This practice is already done in some competitions: in LFL Kameto thus broadcasts Karmine Corp matches and in the LCS several streamers own the rights ( Doublelift , LS , etc.). In LEC, this is still not the case and for the Worlds, we had never seen that in memory. The maneuver is however as simple as it is intelligent. Content creators will be able to bring back more views by reaching their community, which would not necessarily have made the effort to watch the Bo5. For viewers, there will also be an even bigger offer. Some may prefer the entertainment or eye of a mainstream streamer, rather than being swamped with numbers and expert analysis.

Where does the controversy come from?

The idea of co-casting the finale was generally welcomed by the whole community. However, what caused a lot of talk was the choice of the 5 content creators...

  • Sykkuno (English)
  • Rita (Chinese)
  • Mingyo Kim (Korean)
  • Sangho Lee (Korean)
  • Ibai (Spanish)

    These content creators are all headliners and we cannot question their legitimacy on this level. On the other hand, several well-known personalities in the field (Caedreal, Treatz, etc.) expressed a hint of disappointment. They pointed out that some of these creators did n't really make an effort to make the League of Legends competitive environment shine during the year. While there are some who work hard throughout the season and who could have received this little "privilege"... Broadcasting the Worlds final is the guarantee of a good audience!

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