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LoL: The champion who finally receives a new skin after 1000 days of waiting

LoL: The champion who finally receives a new skin after 1000 days of waiting

Taric leaves the list of champions with the most days without a skin in League of Legends after approaching 1000 days without a new appearance. The Astro groove theme kills two birds with one stone, since Ornn, close to 700 days, will also have a new cosmetic.

LoL: The champion who finally receives a new skin after 1000 days of waiting

There are a number of League of Legends champions who have long gone without Riot's affection when it comes to giving them a new skin. The best-known case is that of Zilean, who, in addition to having gone more than 1,000 days without a skin, has gone many years without receiving any real modification to his skills (beyond general improvements concerning magic resistance or the armor that have been brought to champions over the seasons).

Speaking of this list, there is one that will soon leave the top of the charts. This is Taric, the Shield of Valoran who will receive an Astro Groove-themed skin. He will be protected by two cats, and his abilities will be marked by white, pink and purple, colors that we have already seen support many times and in a few other skins. The champion's latest skin dates from Season 8. It is Taric Clair-pavois, available in the store for 1350 RP.

Ornn also leaves this cursed list

Another player who will leave this blacklist is Ornn. The god of the forge, after almost 700 days of waiting, will receive a skin in this theme. It must be said that the champion has never really been pampered by Riot Games since since its release, in October 2017, it has only received one and only one skin (apart from that of its launch). This makes him the champion who waits the longest between two appearances: 950 days on average, just that.

Thanks to the return of the Astro Groove theme, it is therefore two champions who were neglected at the skin level who leave the top of the ranking to make way for other characters such as Nocturne or Fizz. However, they are still far from the top podium spots occupied by Dr. Mundo (1428 days), Udyr (1176 days), and Zilean (1052 days) — although it should be noted that the first two have received redesigns completed in recent months.

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