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LoL - Worlds 2022: results of the Worlds Crystal Ball before DRX against T1

LoL - Worlds 2022: results of the Worlds Crystal Ball before DRX against T1

Ahead of the final between T1 and DRX, it's interesting to look at where the predictions are for the Crystal Ball portion of Riot Games' predictions game. Each prediction can bring a lot of points synonymous with various rewards on League of Legends player accounts.

LoL - Worlds 2022: results of the Worlds Crystal Ball before DRX against T1

One of the main novelties that Riot brought to Pick Em during these Worlds of League of Legends was the crystal ball. In this mini-game, participants had to try to predict how the tournament would go. In addition to typical questions like the name of the future winner, or which teams will emerge from the groups, Riot Games has added even more difficult questions.

The correct answers were very hard to guess, as Summoner's Rift is completely unpredictable and anything can happen . While waiting for the BO5 who will decide the future winner of the cup, here is where the predictions are in this mini-game. Some of them have already been verified, but others may still change, not to mention those that have yet to be determined.

Safe results

Here's what shouldn't change, despite the upcoming final:

  • Most Picked Champions : Sejuani (48 times), (Sylas 47) and Azir (44 times)
  • Most banned champions: Caitlyn (82) Yuumi, (80) and Aatrox (78).
  • Champions with the highest winrate (five games played minimum) : Sivir (92%), Yuumi and Yone (86%) and Ahri (84%).
  • Champions with the most deaths: Maokai and Sejuani, (127), Aatrox, (110) and Sylas (107)
  • Champion played in the most positions: Maokai and Seraphine with three roles.

What can still change


  • Best KDA of the tournament: Keria (11.4), Gumayusi (10.7) and Uspet (8.8 with Play-In)
  • Most champions played: Beryl (12), Vulcan and Ming (11), Inspired and 369 (10)
  • Players with a pentakill: Upset and Shogun
  • Player with the most first blood: Kingen and Gala
  • Player with the most kills in a single game: Shogun (16), Unforg1ven (14)


  • First in group A and B during the Play-In: Fnatic and DRX
  • Team that played the most champions: Evil Geniuses (43), DRX (41) and Gen.G (40)
  • Best team from a so-called minor region: CFO and GAM Esports


  • Reverse Sweep: 1
  • Pentakills: 2
  • Stolen Nashors: 7
  • Dragon that has been killed the most times: Hextech, 105 times.
  • Longest game: Gen.G against DAMWON Kia (44mn 51)
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