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Fortnite: Why is Kanye West permanently banned from the game?

Fortnite: Why is Kanye West permanently banned from the game?

After making anti-Semitic remarks, Kanye West is let go by the brands that made him rich. One by one, commercial collaborations with the rapper crumble. On Twitter, the strange rumor of a permanent ban of Kanye on Fortnite begins to swell …

Fortnite: Why is Kanye West permanently banned from the game?

Nothing is going well for the American star. A regular at shocking phrases and controversial remarks, Kanye West this time went too far, making openly anti-Semitic remarks. The star will pay the price, since it is gradually dropped by all the major brands that were in collaboration with him. Balenciaga, Adidas, Sketchers... Like houses of cards, partnerships are collapsing, and the big brands refuse to see their names associated with that of Kanye West.

On Twitter, it is rumored that the star would even be banned from several big video games, like Fortnite.


A meme that is not official

It is actually impossible to know if Epic Games has decided to cut ties with Kanye West. Fortnite has not released any official statement on this subject, and to date the star has not had any known collaboration with the Battle Royale. This rumor that Kanye West was banned from Fortnite is therefore inherently false.

Andrew Tate Syndrome

Players around the world had peddled similar rumors a few weeks ago, around the very controversial Andrew Tate. The former kickboxer with openly misogynistic opinions has become a fallen public figure, and the gaming communities have shown their disagreement with him with statements of bans of this type.


As if to say " don't come and embed yourself in my favorite game ", gamers have their own method of dissociating themselves from stars who commit the unforgivable.

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