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Hogwarts Legacy: A creepy discovery in the latest video!

Hogwarts Legacy: A creepy discovery in the latest video!

The Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy is obviously filled with spooky creatures but no one was expecting to see that in the recent very relaxing fall special video that Avalanche Software posted on YouTube...

While we still don't know if Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy will be in PEGI12 or PEGI16 (this is a game changer), the teasing continues for the most anticipated game of 2023. If we're used to the darkness shown in the recent trailers with the forces of evil, the unforgivable spells, the haunted Hogsmeade store or the monsters surrounding Hogwarts, the discovery of a fan in the fall video is downright creepier than all of these put together.

Fall ASMR video darker than expected

You've surely seen it happen if you diligently follow the information around Hogwarts Legacy: a special fall video of 20 minutes was published at the end of November on the official YouTube channel of the game. In the same way as that of the spring and this summer, she then shows us breathtaking scenery around the school of magic. Some details are obviously worth the detour, such as the dungeon in ruins, the haunted house which resembles the Screaming Shack, the magic forge or even the poisonous jumping mushroom .

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

It is also at this precise moment of the video that we had to concentrate. If the hopping mushroom in the foreground necessarily monopolizes the attention, what is happening in the background is much more interesting. We are on the edge of the Forbidden Forest and... whoever says forbidden forest says acromentulae or at least giant spiders. The famous disgusting creatures, which Ron Weasley hates more than anything, are in the game and we will probably have to face dozens of them during our exploration ( too hurry! ).

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

Bodies in cobwebs!

No, you're not dreaming. Nothing really shocking in reality, don't worry, but in the background of the jumping mushrooms you can see several cocoons of giant spiders containing bodies. Impossible to know if they are students still alive, dead eaters trapped or any other humanoid creature passing by. As we know, acromentulae are famous for eating fresh flesh and, in Harry Potter, only Hagrid can escape this disastrous fate since he is Aragog's friend.

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