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Twitch: Amouranth receives a fan's package, its content may surprise you!

Twitch: Amouranth receives a fan's package, its content may surprise you!

While live on Twitch, Amouranth opened a mysterious package containing self-defense items, a new phone and a huge amount of cash. Who could have sent these "gifts"?

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, alias Amouranth is a true Twitch star and has accumulated tens of thousands of followers who have followed all her adventures on Twitch. Recently enjoying a freedom found after several complicated years with her ex-boyfriend / husband, the streamer has many projects. Recently, she replaced her legendary hot-tub streams with broadcasts on Overwatch 2, her new favorite category... and her viewers are still there.

Amouranth has managed to build a real community of users who are often ready to do anything to support their favorite streamer. This time, a supposed viewer was more than generous by sending Kaitlyn a rather... unusual package.

A phone, a taser and $70,000 in cash

Here is what the streamer discovered when she opened this rather suspicious package she had just received. In front of thousands of viewers on Twitch, she analyzed the contents of the box to find that it was mainly means of protection. In addition to a taser as well as $70,000 in cash , a latest generation iPhone containing a prepaid sim card. On the letter left to him by the sender of the parcel, two numbers are displayed: that of a bodyguard service "in case of emergency" also prepaid, as well as that of the mysterious sender. The latter writes to the streamer to "not hesitate if necessary" .

It's clear that the person behind this "gift" wanted to offer the streamer ways to protect herself. Having experienced quite traumatic events recently, Amouranth is still the victim of numerous stalkings, including one at TwitchCon which had pushed her to take refuge in her hotel room on several occasions.

After that, the designer verified that they were not counterfeit notes. It would therefore seem that the donation is genuine and that this mysterious sender really sent $70,000 in cash to Amouranth.

Who is behind the package?

When the package was opened, the content creator believed in a prank from one of her Youtuber/streamer “colleagues”. This track is not explosive because it is in the habits of many creators to regale others. This is the case of MrBeast, which has already offered astronomical sums to streamers.

As Amouranth points out, the sender of the mysterious package does not seem to expect anything in return from him: "There is no weird word like 'let's run away together, please marry me' like there is. there is usually" . Which many believe would be proof that he is not a fan but rather a relative or a concerned colleague. So far, the person in question has not come forward and chances are they never will. This altruistic act will surely never find an author.

"Looks like it's just a letter to say 'here's your business, take care'."
Amouranth (Source)
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