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LoL: ADC, an impossible role to balance?

LoL: ADC, an impossible role to balance?

The ADC job is one of the most frustrating jobs in League of Legends. In addition to being very dependent on their allies, they can often feel like they're useless in a lot of games, which leads to frustration. But isn't that a necessary evil?

LoL: ADC, an impossible role to balance?

Although the AD carry has carry in its job title , it really is n't that much in soloQ . Often, the other roles have more impact than him in the majority of games , which can lead to some frustration on the part of those who love this position. Even if at the moment the meta is quite lenient towards certain ADCs , the small dozen which is above the sacrosanct 52% of winrate (the moment when a champion starts to be too strong according to Riot Games criteria) is more the exception than the rule .

However, does this role really need a helping hand from the editor? The answer to this question is probably no , for the general health of League of Legends . Otherwise, it would be necessary to make a complete overhaul of this post , which would lose its uniqueness. Here are the reasons why making this role stronger would cause major balance issues.

Unavoidable damage

To do their damage, the majority of ADCs rely on their auto-attacks . Very few champions have a mechanism to temporarily avoid the latter , which once launched are therefore guaranteed to do their damage. This is a huge difference to most other spells in League of Legends, which are all more or less dodgeable . Giving ADCs high damage faster in games would make the game very frustrating for all other players.

In addition, having damage that resembles that of a mage or an assassin with a single object would make up for one of the weaknesses of ADCs : their lack of resistance. Making a defensive object the second item would then not be a bad idea, because even if the ADC would necessarily do less damage in midgame, it would compensate with the fact that it is less dependent on its spells than other champions, and that his DPS stays pretty strong throughout the teamfight , where other archetypes have to wait for their cooldowns to end/make sure to stay in melee.

The very identity of the position implies that CDA must make choices . He must compensate for his regular damage by a certain fragility , time to increase in power , as well as a dependence on his mates . This is also what is frustrating for the person who plays him, because more than the other players he needs his allies, but on his side does not have many spells to help them .

The professional scene

The latter cannot be overlooked either , because a significant part of players also follow esports . If the ADCs become too powerful, then the pros will logically move towards strategies that revolve exclusively around their ADCs . This kind of meta would not be very fun to watch in the long run , and would probably cause some disinterest in the competitive scene.

Yes ADC may be the most frustrating role in League of Legends, but it's also still the most rewarding role. If an ADC has carried a game, it is because he has played well , even if his support has pre-chewed him on the lane. By making the right decisions in skirmishes, thanks to good positioning in teamfights and an ability not to think of themselves as a super death space warrior who kills, the ADC has also done its job well (which does not invalidate the excellent work of the support/jungler). And ADC players know, carrying a game on their own (ie without another mate who has done an above average level job in the game), is an amazing feeling . However, it must also be admitted that in many games, you will have a more limited impact than that of other players.

The only obvious viable solution to power up ADCs faster would be to base their DPS more on their spells than on their auto-attacks . This is also one of the common points of the dominant ADCs at the moment , be it Nilah, Tristane (the damage of an E stacked in early is far from negligible), Twitch (see comment on Tristana) and Jhin. And these are also the 4 best ADCs on this patch. Only an AD that relies on spell damage rather than auto-attacks is no longer really an ADC but an assassin .

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