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Hogwarts Legacy: Here are the 6 teachers who will teach you magic at Hogwarts

Hogwarts Legacy: Here are the 6 teachers who will teach you magic at Hogwarts

Have you always dreamed of taking Potions, Spells or Broomstick flying at Hogwarts? This will obviously be possible in Hogwarts Legacy and here is the list of teachers we already know thanks to recent information.

Hogwarts Legacy: Here are the 6 teachers who will teach you magic at Hogwarts

Thanks to the two lengthy Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy gameplay trailers and social media posts, future wizards of the most anticipated game of 2023 know a lot more about the various teachers who will accompany them to Hogwarts. Recently, we learned that not all courses would be mandatory but most would help advance the storyline and others would unlock important skills (like spells). Without further ado, here is the list of all the teachers we know today. As a reminder, the game takes place from September 1, 1890.

Aesop Sharp, the Potions Professor

  • House : Slytherin
  • Name : Aesop Sharp
  • Etymology : Aesop, a Greek writer, and "sharp" which means rough in English
  • Potential family ties : Scarlet Sharp and Kitty Sharp (witches who died in the 1990s
  • Personal story :

    The gruff and highly perceptive Professor Sharp had a long and successful career as an Auror until injury forced him off the field. No longer wanting to spin a parchment on a Ministry desk, Sharp decided it would be more useful to share with the Hogwarts students his vast experience in potions of battle. Not easily impressed and unwilling to waste time with fools, he is very proud of the students who excel in his class despite a difficult curriculum.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

Mirabel Garlick, Professor of Herbology

  • House : Hufflepuff
  • Name : Mirabel Garlick
  • Etymology : his first name is inspired by the mirabelle plum and his family name by garlic in English.
  • Personal story :

    Born in London, Professor Garlick grew up in a house full of Muggles and didn't really feel at home until she was a student at Hogwarts. In fact, she'll tell you that it was at the famous school of sorcery that she finally blossomed and discovered an extraordinary affinity for magical plants. Her sunny demeanor and flowery language charm colleagues and students, causing some of them to fear that she will one day leave them for another greenhouse. But Mirabel Garlick will never leave her students. So, if the good witch showed up, it would be enough for her to love Hogwarts like Mirabel.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

Abraham Ronen, the Professor of Charms

  • House : Slytherin
  • Name : Abraham Ronen
  • Etymology : Abraham is a Hebrew word meaning "father of many" and Ronen means "joyful and singing" in Hebrew as well.
  • Personal story :

    Jovial and light-hearted, with a sparkle ever present in his eyes, Professor Ronen considers his students' friendships and extra-curricular activities to be just as important as the subject of Spells itself. In response to being tutored by a rather austere father before and during his years at Hogwarts, he developed a passion for games of all kinds, especially Gobballs. (He would have met his wife during a particularly lively Bavboules tournament). Much to the delight of most of his students, his unorthodox teaching style often incorporates The Game.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

Dinah Hecat, Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts

  • House : Ravenclaw
  • Name : Dinah Hecat
  • Etymology : its name surely comes from the Greek moon goddess Hecate.
  • Personal story :

    The stern but sympathetic teacher takes her teaching responsibilities very seriously. After a successful career at the Ministry of Magic, during which she would have spent time in the Department of Mysteries, she retired to become a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Although she is happy to be at Hogwarts, some believe that her hands-on teaching method satisfies her innate desire for action.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

The other teachers

Other professors will of course be present at Hogwarts but they have not yet been presented in detail. We know, for example, that the History of Magic class will be taught by a ghost (no doubt that of Professor Binns) and that the Broom class will be presented by a professor.

Then lacks the Care of Magical Creatures class for which we have not yet seen the teacher, or even Metamorphosis, Arithmancy, Divination (we saw the room) or even Astronomy.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy
Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy
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