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LoL: The position of a former pro who proves Riot Games developers right

LoL: The position of a former pro who proves Riot Games developers right

The official League of Legends account in Spain shared an action from K'Sante, and the controversy hasn't stopped since. Many players consider the champion to be broken, despite being one of the worst in the game in terms of winrate. A former pro explains his point of view.

LoL: The position of a former pro who proves Riot Games developers right

According to Riot August, champion developer of League of Legends , players tend to consider the things they know to be the most balanced. the community. Some of these may seem reasonable (after all, no one is perfect), but there are also times when players grumble when they don't realize that the blame for the situation is themselves. No Tryndamere is far from being OP, even if we won't be able to kill a Trynda in 10/0 which is 4 levels ahead of us. This not very subtle metaphor illustrates quite well the reactions of the community following an action carried out in stream and shared by the Spanish community account of League of Legends .

A very controversial action for the League of Legends community

This action features K'Sante, who becomes the final boss of a flexible ranked match played by the LVP commentary team. A clip that the leaders of the Spanish community of League of Legends have decided to share on social networks. Their goal was above all to share a funny moment, while highlighting the players of this meeting. However, the general reaction was not kind and a not insignificant part of the players took the opportunity to criticize the company, which allegedly did a poor job with the "pre-season".

Given the situation, Rydle decided to intervene. A former professional player with experience at the highest European level and current coach on the amateur circuit, he stopped to explain the game. " I'm not trying to define whether it's balanced or not because honestly I don't know I'm trying to get people to understand what's going on because I see way too much confusion ," the former Giants Gaming support said. Thus, it was decided to highlight the three keys that gave rise to what some of the public describe as the most ridiculous 45 seconds of the preseason .

  • SteelHeart : Although he defines the item as " totally meh " (a lousy item), he defends its spectacular potential by being able to get infinite stacks. By this point in the match, where K'Sante had already racked up 24 kills and 11 assists, the bjet had racked up an additional 1,500 HP. This corresponds to more than 30 activations of the latter.
  • Grip of the Immortal : While it's impossible to determine how many charges he was stacking, logic says that a well-charged SteelHeart involves many activations of this mastery. “ The more HP you have, the more effective it is, and he applies that here with a full build, and 1,600 charges of the mythic ,” he explained.
  • K'Sante : The champion does not succeed thanks to his basic stats, but thanks to the regular healing provided by his build. "The champion's ultimate, the Great Game, gains in omnivamp depending on the duration of the game and the stacking which here brings more damage to K'Sante* (...) Here K'Sante is more than good in his game, and the opposing team has no anti heal."

    * During his ultimate, K'Sante gains bonus damage based on his armor and RM, as well as omnivamp based on his bonus HP. On the other hand, he loses HP, armor and RM for the duration of his ultimate.

    Rydle ends his presentation with the following: “ In conclusion, it is not what is happening in the video that is the problem, but how K'Sante got into this situation. You have to assume that once it gets there in that state, it's automatically GGWP. It's pre-season and there will be some things that are balanced and some that aren't, but I see a lot of people crying and ignorantly criticizing Riot. What I mean is, if there was a full Nasus with 2,000 stacks, there wouldn't be half the crying because people already understand what's going on. "

Common Mistakes

This is where the opinions of a League of Legends developer as important as Riot August and a former professional player converge. The combination of ignorance and misunderstanding of certain mechanics causes players to criticize situations they haven't fully understood. Maybe it's also a bit the fault of Riot Games, which does not make certain mechanics too visible and which therefore remain difficult to interpret for players. Going back to the Tryndamere example from the beginning of the article, today almost all players can identify the animation of his ultimate and its effects. However, will a new player intuitively understand that the champion cannot die for x seconds?

However, it's all about adaptation . " When Vi came out, she was considered one of the most unfair champions in the whole game. Nobody thinks like that anymore, of course, but when it came out, the players said, 'What what this thing? This champion rushes at us by clicking at 800 units away, without us being able to dodge. There is no possible counterplay. It's unreasonable. Nowadays, if we compare Vi to other characters and its general history on the game (not in the lore), we realize that it was rarely problematic, even when it was released. Players adapted and quickly understood how to counter it . ,” Riot August said in an interview earlier this year.

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