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LoL: New Year's skins already revealed!

LoL: New Year's skins already revealed!

League of Legends received its last update of the year with patch 12.23, but Riot Games is already planning next season. The very first skins of the year 2023, those of the new year, have already been presented to the community.

League of Legends has entered a relatively calm period. Barring a bug or huge problem in the game, no more updates will be deployed before 2023, patch 12.23 which arrived yesterday being the last of the season. For about a month, players will be able to continue testing and assimilating all the new features of the preseason to prepare for Season 13 . Of course, everything is not perfect yet, and it seems obvious that the first patch of the year will bring many fixes before the official launch of the ranked.

Beyond the fixes, each patch also comes with skins, and those of 13.1 have already been revealed to players!

happy new year 2023

To start the season off right, Riot Games has therefore planned a lot of new skins, new skins that will celebrate the new year but also the new season. On the program, no less than 10 new appearances have been announced:

  • Mythos Skins : Ashe, Kha'Zix, Malphite, Qiyana, Thresh
  • Lunar Skins : Galio, Irelia, Sivir, Zyra, Garen

    Last year, Riot Games was rather poor in terms of skins for the new year with only two new appearances: Gnar and Rek'Sai sylvan. Even though they were aesthetically pleasing, it can't be said that the studio had put much effort into celebrating the new season. With 10 skins, there is no doubt that many players will find their account (don't tell me about the Irelia skin which is simply magnificent).

League of Legends

All these new skins will therefore spend the holiday season on the PBE to arrive with the first patch of the year, 13.1. Riot Games has still not revealed its update schedule for 2023, but we can hope to see the first patch of the year arrive around January 4.

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