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Game Awards 2022: Horizon Forbidden West formalizes a first DLC, we even have a release date

Game Awards 2022: Horizon Forbidden West formalizes a first DLC, we even have a release date

Surprise ! An extension for Horizon Forbidden West will soon see the light of day. After Frozen Wilds for Horizon Zero Dawn, say hello to Burning Shores, a DLC scheduled for early 2023 that will take Aloy to the Hollywood area.

In the absence of an announcement for an Elden Ring DLC, PlayStation players were entitled to an extension for Aloy's latest adventures in Horizon Forbidden West. Now able to ride a flying mount, the young woman is on her way to the Hollywood region where a new imposing threat is waiting for someone to stir up her anger.

Aloy goes to Hollywood

The teaser does not bring much concrete on the content of this extension, apart from this new region of Hollywood and the giant mechanical monster at the origin of lava flows, which will surely be the main antagonist of the DLC. As surprising as it may seem, we still had the only concrete information that we expected and hoped for not so soon. Indeed, the release date of Burning Shores has already been revealed: it will be for April 19, as if the multitude of huge releases at the start of the year were not enough.

Horizon, a rapidly expanding license

Guerrilla Games and Sony seem keen on expanding the Horizon universe as much as possible , with this expansion in April, but also with the virtual reality production Call of the Mountain , available next February 22 and which is clearly sold as the door-to-door. standard of PlayStation VR 2. It should be noted that the Burning Shores extension will probably not be offered to PlayStation 4 players, a bit like FF7 Intergrade and its extension with Youfie.

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