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Horizon Forbidden West: A clothing collection is coming and it's already causing debate!

Horizon Forbidden West: A clothing collection is coming and it's already causing debate!

The Asos x Horizon collection is now available! Including many elements of streetwear around the universe of Horizon Forbidden West, the collab aims to delight fans of the license. However, it is not unanimous...

Horizon Forbidden West: A clothing collection is coming and it's already causing debate!

Thumbnail photo credits: PlayStation Blog

Released last February, Horizon Forbidden West fascinates and its post-apocalyptic universe still fascinates players around the world. Immersed in the skin of Aloy, users thus discover this world in which nature has taken back its rights, populated by futuristic creatures which for some can be formidable. A varied and above all unique universe, which inspired the Asos clothing brand for an exclusive collection.

Asos x Horizon

Developed in partnership with PlayStation, the Asos x Horizon collection offers various types of clothing all with a common theme: they are amply reminiscent of the world of games from the Guerrilla Games license. From the jogging set to the shirt, passing by the sweatshirts, there is everything to seduce Horizon fans.

"While in-game Aloy's gear is designed primarily for protection and survival, our unique partnership with ASOS is all about wearing comfort for our fans. This unisex collection of gaming and streetwear apparel includes a variety of joggers, hoodies and shirts that look fantastic both together and apart."
PlayStation Blog (Source)

Players will immediately recognize key scenes from the franchise's games, from Horizon graphic novels to key visuals. What literally immerse the wearers of these clothes in the fabulous world of Aloy.

The launch took place today in Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan and Asia. For those living in the United States, you will have to be patient because the Asos x Horizon collection will land there in early 2023. To discover it in full, you will have to go right here !

"It's so cheap"

As soon as it was released, the collection caused debate and on the networks (especially on Twitter) , many users criticized the two companies for the prints on the clothes . According to them, this is "cheap" and will clearly not live up to their expectations for such a collaboration between large entities.

Most approve of the jogging sets, but regret that certain elements have prints (according to them) that are not very elaborate. Enough to create a real debate on social networks in just a few hours.

"As much as the model's black crop top is stylish, the rest with images of the game pasted on the clothes is really blah. It's cheap, it shows no research, doable on spreadshirt if this site still exists. Too bad , another collection that could have been better"
𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗤𝗨𝗘 @11JPM11 (Source)

Despite everything, some validate the collection, have already placed an order and are thus ready to dive into the Forbidden West of Horizon Forbidden West. Like what, tastes and colors…

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