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PS5: A Sony exclusive goes back to the top of the charts?

PS5: A Sony exclusive goes back to the top of the charts?

As the month of April came to an end, SELL published the charts of the best-selling video games for the end of the month. Big surprise, a PlayStation exclusive that everyone thought was gone has resurfaced and is taking the top spot!

PS5: A Sony exclusive goes back to the top of the charts?

April is coming to an end and has been, as always, very positive for the video game industry! In France more particularly, where a game that was thought to have disappeared from the sales rankings has made a meteoric rise in the charts. Let's find out together!

A PlayStation exclusive at the top

The information comes to us from SELL , the Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers, which represents video game and leisure software publishers at the national level. Each week, the SELL reveals, thanks to the analyzes of the Game Sales Data panel, the top games sold at French points of sale. It is therefore indeed video games sold in physics exclusively.

The top sales for the week of April 18 to 24 have therefore been published on the SELL website as well as on their social networks and we can see an impressive rise in a game that many thought had disappeared… Horizon Forbidden West!

The futuristic RPG therefore fines many industry giants, such as Mario Kart 8, Pokémon Legends: Arceus or FIFA 22, but also Nintendo's new nugget, Kirby and the Forgotten World. A good lesson therefore, which contradicts the many players who have already condemned Sony's game to oblivion.

It's also important to note that Horizon Forbidden West is only number one on the PS5 charts , not those for PS4 games. A very targeted craze for the game exclusive to PlayStation, the cause of which is difficult to find.

Horizon is not dead!

The game excluded PlayStation, released on February 18, had met with great success when it was released but was quickly overtaken by the giant Elden Ring, a week later. Faced with FromSoftware's blockbuster, Horizon Forbidden West was more or less forgotten, and then disappeared from the charts.

While it alone occupied (and thanks to its various editions) the top 4 best-selling games the week of its release, the week after, Sony's game had unfortunately been dethroned by far by Elden Ring. Two weeks later, Horizon Forbidden West had completely disappeared from the SELL ranking.

Horizon Forbidden West - Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West

The reason for this rise

It is true that one wonders what could have caused such a rise for Horizon Forbidden West. As mentioned earlier, only the PS5 version of the game from Sony is affected by this phenomenon, so we can assume that one of the outlets surveyed by the GSD (Game Sales Data) may have carried out a promotion on the PS5 game specifically. .

However, this would be quite surprising since most French stores selling video games follow Sony's promotions and/or sell all versions of a game. However, Sony has not sold the PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West recently. The mystery therefore remains whole and it seems that PS5 players simply wanted to immerse themselves in the adventures of Aloy at the end of April!

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