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PS5: It's the perfect time to play this PlayStation exclusive!

PS5: It's the perfect time to play this PlayStation exclusive!

Horizon Forbidden West from Guerrilla Games offers a life-saving technical update with a brand new graphics mode called "balanced" mode offering 40hz and integration of VRR technology, but also support for high frame rates.

PS5: It's the perfect time to play this PlayStation exclusive!

The only big PlayStation exclusive released this year, pending The Last of Us Remake and God of War Ragnarok at the end of the year, Horizon Forbidden West is getting better with time, thanks to exemplary follow-up work from Guerrilla Games. New proof: update 1.07 has been available for a few days and confirms that HFW is perhaps the most technically successful game on the PS5.

Horizon Forbidden West is ripe

The sequel to the adventures of Aloy was a little cut from under the rug by a certain Elden Ring when it was released, so know that if you put it aside to go explore the underground , Horizon Forbidden West has been at its prime since update 1.07. It's not the only patch that has come to improve the PlayStation exclusive in small touches, but Guerilla comes full circle technically with an update that focuses on the PS5 version of the game. Inside, everything those who have invested in the HDMI 2.1 standard could wish is there, in particular with the integration of VRR and a balanced mode at 40hz : the latter is excellent news and we tell you why just below.

The benefits of 40hz balanced mode

If you have a good TV, the 40hz balanced mode is the best way to enjoy next-gen exclusives on PS5 . First appearing on Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, this graphics preset brings optimal fluidity while retaining all the next-gen graphical treats. Specifically, thanks to the HDMI2.1 standard and VRR, it is possible to enjoy the latest Guerilla Games with maximum graphic detail, while maintaining a smooth framerate. It is certainly necessary to have the necessary equipment but to test it is to adopt it: we hope that the developers will offer this mode as soon as their titles are launched in the medium term, because it is clearly the best possible compromise between fidelity and fluidity . For English speakers, we put you a very interesting analysis of Digital Foundry about the 40hz mode of Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart.

The new champion promised by Riot Games who never arrived in the game

Riot Games has more and more technology to create champions, but in the past the developer couldn't afford to bring some of the characters it craved into League of Legends. A situation that deprived us of a very interesting champion.

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