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Horizon Forbidden West: A third game coming?

Horizon Forbidden West: A third game coming?

While Horizon: Forbidden West, the latest opus of the series from Sony and Guerrilla Games, was released on February 18, it could well be that the two companies are already working on a third game. Let's come back to this surprising discovery!

Horizon Forbidden West: A third game coming?

Horizon: Forbidden West was released on February 18 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and immerses players in a futuristic world, where nature has taken over. They embody Aloy, the heroine of the first part, in search of elements of her past and her destiny in these lands where fauna, flora and mechanics become one. Guerilla Games' game was a worldwide hit and topped the charts alongside Elden Ring and Pokémon Legends: Arceus for a while.

But as players continue to discover this latest opus, leaks seem to reveal that a third game of the license is coming...

A third Horizon game

According to the words of @OopsLeaks on Twitter, Sony and Guerrilla have planned to release a third game from the Horizon license. The user in question is quite famous for revealing leaks and other discoveries about the video game industry, leaks that most of the time turn out to be true. The account is therefore quite reliable although, we remind you, nothing has been formalized by Sony or Guerrilla Games.

On April 7, the account therefore published on Twitter the result of one of its surveys on Guerrilla Games: “Horizon will be a trilogy and its universe is already expanding with VR spinoffs and other productions that are to come. An online game or expansion is planned. Probably something close to Monster Hunter World. Sony sees Horizon as one of the main PS franchises at the moment."

Horizon: Call of the Mountain

For Sony's new virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR2, an immersive experience in the Horizon universe called "Call of the Mountain" is planned. The game will allow fans of the license to embody a new character from the license and set off to explore the wonders of the region. According to the findings of @OopsLeaks, this production would only be a prelude to the next game of the license and "much more is to come" .

Horizon: Call of the Mountain - Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon: Call of the Mountain

Regarding the gameplay of this supposed next opus, the leaker gave few indications other than the fact that it will be closer to Monster Hunter World. We can therefore imagine that the plot will be oriented towards the discovery of wildlife in the game, with a richer bestiary than it already is. To be continued…

In any case, it will take some time before Sony or Guerrilla Games confirms this rumor by announcing a third game from the license. In the meantime, Horizon: Forbidden West offers its share of discoveries and has a plot that should keep you going for several hours!

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