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LoL: Odoamne settles his accounts after his departure from Rogue, enough to make a drama?

LoL: Odoamne settles his accounts after his departure from Rogue, enough to make a drama?

Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu turns 28 next year and he's part of the furniture of the European League of Legends scene. But the Romanian has not decided to hang up, even if Rogue has formalized his departure. He remains valiant and he took the opportunity to settle his accounts.

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It was an open secret, but it's now official. Odoamne was let go by Rogue , despite his important role in the structure's first European title and first qualification for the quarter-finals at the Worlds . In the aftermath, the venerable toplaner was announced by his next team, still in the LEC, EXCEL Esports . The retirement home is not for now!

Rogue, who will become KOI for the 2023 season, honored his now former player via a rather touching video. It must be said that Odoamne fully participated in the progression of the structure. He only stayed for 2 years, but he will forever be part of the team's history. In return, the player also thanked the structure for these two great seasons spent by his side. But he still took the time to slip a small tackle: he had a score to settle.

A Snape manager must have ringing ears

We do not yet know if Odoamne 's little sentence will have big consequences, but the Romanian could have, if he had wanted to, trigger a huge drama. A member of Rogue would thus have harmed the player, voluntarily or involuntarily... He would thus have indicated to the rest of the scene that the top laner should not be contacted during the offseason, given that the latter was " retiring ". . Even if the top laner does not continue his career at Rogue, he is still determined to play and this false information could have or cost him new opportunities to bounce back. While we know that during the transfer window , everything can go very quickly, a waste of time can have colossal effects. Even if Odo finally managed to find an interesting new challenge, we understand why he had it bad.

On stream, Nemesis , a former LEC, went there with his analysis. In esports, "everyone is trying to fuck everyone". It's not very classy, but the kind of misadventure that Odoamne has experienced is relatively common. So there is surely some truth in what the ex-Fnatic midlaner says.

Relations remain courteous, however.

However, this little quarrel did not spoil everything and we imagine that with his experience, Odoamne knew very well that he had nothing to gain by making too much of a stir. The relationship between the player and the structure always seems very courteous and in his farewell message, the Romanian had very kind words. He thanked Snape for their confidence and the opportunity offered while specifying that his former teammates will always have a special place in his heart .

In the comments of the announcement, several members like Larssen , Alex (team manager) or even Malrang thanked the top laner and wished him the best. The imbroglio therefore only concerns one person in particular, move on, there is nothing to see!

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