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LoL: A Chinese player's cry of despair.

LoL: A Chinese player's cry of despair.

Although Tencent owns Riot Games and therefore League of Legends, do not believe that Chinese players are treated better than others. It even seems to be the opposite, given the post of a desperate player on Western social networks.

LoL: A Chinese player's cry of despair.

A person posing as a player of Chinese origin dropped a bottle into the sea on a social network . According to his statements, the game would be horrible on Chinese servers , with problems with lag, cheats and abusive monetization. Although some caution should be exercised with respect to such statements (after all, taking a stranger's word for it on the internet can lead to bitter disappointment), it is a potential problem worth mentioning, because if that's the truth, it's not impossible that these problems will somehow land on the other servers.

The problems mentioned

Three main issues have been raised in this post. The first concerns abusive monetization, with a very intrusive shop, which pushes consumption to a disproportionate extent . The prices would also be 2 to 3 times higher on this server than on the others, managed by Riot Games.

Other problems would appear in game, with freezes and client crashes . These would also be very poorly detected by the game , which makes no difference between a game crash (involuntary) and a player who alt F4 (voluntary action). In addition to being the victim of a bug penalizing them in the current game, players who are victims of it can also receive sanctions such as chat restrictions or even bans from their account.

Finally, there would be cheating issues on the server, with very little responsiveness from Tencent. Offending players would never be banned, creating a vicious circle where these practices would become commonplace .

Should we be worried about the other servers?

In terms of abusive monetization , the answer is yes and no . Today , laws protect consumers in our regions , which means that certain practices are very unlikely to happen immediately, unless the laws are modified . On the other hand, the overall prices of skins and other goodies could very well increase , without our really having our say on this subject (apart from not buying any more).

Server crash issues are also unlikely to be reproduced , unless League of Legends source code starts to align with that of the Chinese server (which is a bit different according to the person with makes the post). However, this is still information that is best kept in the back of your mind in case the situation deteriorates in the game.

Finally , cheating is rather frowned upon on other servers , but it is not certain that this does not cause problems in the more or less long term. If some programs seem to be able to go undetected by the game, then it is not impossible that they are exported to other regions. Even if they were eventually detected and then banned, the situation in the game could become more than awkward for an indefinite period (while Riot Games identifies the programs, finds a solution and implements it).


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